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Watch: How will the Cristiano Ronaldo-Aaron Ramsey partnership go? Can Arsenal win Europa?

Paul Mariner, Sebastian Salazar, Steve Nicol and Shaka Hislop head to ESPN FC Extra Time to answer fan questions, including:

  • What the partnership of Cristiano Ronaldo and current Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey will be like at Juventus next season.
  • Whether Arsenal can make it to the Europa League final in the wake of their 2-0 win vs. Napoli.
  • Whether Chelsea are finished without Eden Hazard.
  • Whether the crew have pets (Shaka has a dog, Paul has two dogs and a cat, Stevie has a dog and a cat).
  • Who has the more refined palette between Paul and Stevie.


Written by Gabriel

Driven by the passion for the game, Gabriel is an avid Sports & Football fan, lover and now writer/analyst.
"I may be right or wrong, never perfect but I do justice in my own way".


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