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Solskjaer: “we were beaten by a better team”

Solskjaer: "we were beaten by a better team" - manchester united

A single substitution in Leroy Sane, was all that was needed to undo Manchester United, as the Citizens continue to set the pace for the rest to follow.

Following an abysmal display against Everton, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made a few changes to the squad, with Darmian and Andreas Perreira both starting the game. 

While Ole’s wheel rode the cart in the first half, City switched it up a notch, as United were dismantled. And the manager admitted “There is a difference in qualities.”

“We got a reaction and in the end we were beaten by a better team. But we got a reaction from fans and players and had a go. You can see the work-rate was there, it wasn’t good enough,” Solskjaer told Sky Sports after the match.

“There is a difference in quality. That is why they are top and we are where we are. They have set the standard. Living in Manchester we cannot be happy with that. It is up to us to close that gap and overtake them.”

He added: “Today you can’t say that any of them didn’t run. You could see clearly an intent and focus. We just need to keep working on it.

“City want to win it back and by their aggression to win it back there will be fouls. They keep the ball high and are hungry to win it back. They stopped us very well.

“David [De Gea] made some terrific saves as well today. It is every day work for everyone. He has high standards. When we are having a time like this we need to stick together, batten the hatches down and keep working. We have to come back fighting on Sunday.”


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