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Russia 2018 World cup, an eye opener




Russia 2018 World cup, an eye opener - World Cup, Qatar 2020, Qatar, FIFA

Russia 2018 World cup, an eye opener - World Cup, Qatar 2020, Qatar, FIFA

Preparation for Qatar 2020 has begun despite only just concluding the 2018 world cup in Russia and this time the prestigious tournament promises unpredictability

Prior to 2018 world cup event in Russia, the most prized international trophy was probably labelled untouchable for most countries. The likes of Germany, Brazil, Spain , France and few others were probably the only favourites, were the competition to have been played a few years back.

However the 2018 world cup seemed rather random with several unlikely countries taking to the head and battling to showcase themselves in the prestigious tournament.

Surprise finalist Croatia were proof that anyone could walk all the way to the very top if good enough. Also formerly regarded dead weights ‘England’ under the management by Gary Southgate literally rose from the dead at the tournament among several other countries.

After a rather surprising, eye-opening and unpredictable tournament at russia, various countries have begun preparation for the next international tournament as they hope to be the next to walk the way to the grand stage and possible lift the gold trophy.

While the underdogs are looking to rebuild, the over Lords are looking to find consistency. The likes of Argentina seem to be in a total rebuild as interim coach Lionel Scaloni looks to assemble a Young team capable of competing in the future after watching the old cargos fail year after year.

Belgium seemed arguably the most consistent team at the world cup and have continued to look so after the tournament. France look strong but rather inconsistent while the likes of Germany and Spain look to hit the heights once more after a rather less complacent world cup show.

Qatar hosts the 2022 world cup and every country would be hoping to have a go at the prestigious trophy this time. After the previous outcome, most countries and managers alike would be the rather motivated at the opportunity of international glory. This time however, it surely entails unpredictability and uncertainty.

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