Premier League VAR? A huge problem - VAR, Premier League
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Premier League VAR? A huge problem

The Premier League introduced a Video assistant ( The VAR ) to combat ill calls experienced in the past.

Apparently, it’s been more controversy than solution ever since, and sometimes one might wonder, what exactly is the role of the VAR? 

Ever since it’s arrival, the Video Assistant has created one  major controversy after another, and it seems this weekend has taken its toll as well.

What’s the need for a Video Assistant referee, if wrong decisions made by the head referee cannot be reviewed, if wrong yellow/red card scenarios cannot corrected/avoided and penalties properly scrutinized.

Premier League VAR? A huge problem - VAR, Premier League

According to Wikipedia, the VAR system seeks to provide a way for “clear and obvious errors” and “serious missed incidents” to be corrected.

Well, I’d be happy to say, it’s brought about more incidents than it’s intended solution. As the system has so far failed to make the difference exactly when it’s needed.

Earlier in the season, it was rubbed off by an angry Pep Guardiola, who was on wrong side for a second time against Tottenham Hotspur.

In the Premier League week 3 fixtures at Old Trafford, once more the VAR system was apparently lacking, as the game saw off what seemed a rather reckless, lawless and disordered fixture.

The same VAR system was found wanting by Arsenal fans, who were left fuming as they believed a foul on Matteo Guendouzi went unpunished before Joel Matip opened the lead at Anfield.

At Old Trafford, the system had no input, as an obvious foul on Anthony Martial went unpunished, a foul on Daniel James skipped as well. While the officials continually made wrong calls after another, extending to Chelsea’s fixture as well.

Just what is the sole purpose of introducing a system, if it’s objective of clearing obvious errors by officials isn’t in any way achieved?

VAR is a problem

With the VAR, there is almost no way forward. It’s either it’s a solution, or a problem. And so far, am quite sure many will tag the system as a major problem. Unless of course, its errors are in your favour for the day.

A work in progress? Yes, but why test an unfinished product on the real deal?

The very point of introducing the VAR has been defeated, and if the weekend is anything to go by. Then a major call for adjustments need to made, or the Premier League is bound to see a turn of events, for the worse.

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