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Paulo Dybala set for pivotal role at Juventus

Having been linked with a move away from Juventus, Paulo Dybala was only held back, as the Old Lady’s wait on the decision of new manager Maurizio Sarri who was appointed in the week.

Dybala was more of a spectator than a star under the guidance of Massimiliano Allegri, especially with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

However, it seems Maurizio Sarri doesn’t share the same idea. As the Italian has identified a host of talents to build the team around, and as you would expect Paulo Dybala makes the cut.

Should Sarri’s statement be anything to go by, then Paulo Dybala is set for a crucial role alongside teammate Cristiano Ronaldo – who we’d expect to see more of – as the Italian will attempt to piece the duo back together.

“When you have a player with the qualities of Paulo [Dybala] or Cristiano [Ronaldo], they can play in any role.

“What can change is only the interpretation of the role.

“I’ll probably talk to two or three players before the start of the season to share ideas, compare and understand the way they think and their characteristics.

“You have to start with the talented players who can make the difference like Cristiano, Paulo and Douglas, and build around them.”

It’s been long coming, the Allianz arena may yet be in for their best season yet. And hopefully Sarri can bring to light the lethal finishers in Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala like he did with Higuain at Napoli.

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