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Paul Pogba urged to take ecstatic world cup form to club level




Paul Pogba urged to take ecstatic world cup form to club level - World Cup, Paul Pogba, manchester united

Paul Pogba urged to take ecstatic world cup form to club level - World Cup, Paul Pogba, manchester united

The man on the moment paul pogba has been at the center of everything after a near perfect display in the world cup finals against Croatia in which he went on to score a goal for his country. The first of Manchester united to do so in a final. Paul has proven his critics wrong once more as he wrote his name down in the history book. The midfielder was labelled a show off among many names prior to the world cup after a rather underwhelming season with united, or so they said. However the midfielder has gone on to show what he can contribute to football at united with a solid world cup performance to help his country go all the way to the finals.

Paul Pogba urged to take ecstatic world cup form to club level - World Cup, Paul Pogba, manchester united

Pauls shin had a message for the world

Pundits, team mates and fans including his manager have however urged the midfielder to continue with such form at club level. The midfield maestro isn’t expected back to united soon which according to jose would be probably in the third week of the start of the next season in order to give players who featured in the later stages of the world cup time to recover completely. Paul however would do well to continue with his astonishing form when he returns to club football. He has done it already once before and now at the world cup ?, Nothing could motivate him more than a world trophy of his own.

William Gallas:

on Paul Pogba’s newfound defensive steel as displayed vs Belgium:

“José Mourinho changed his style of play. When he dropped him, Pogba was forced to question himself, when he came back, his style had changed.”

Adil Rami:

“I can tell you that Paul Pogba, I don’t know how and I don’t know from where, has become a leader. He proved it to us, he showed it. He’s the one that showed the way. He was the strong man of the France team.”

“Defensively he helped the team. I could talk about everyone, but today, Paul showed maturity. Technique is good, but it’s the attitude that is the most important.”

“Everyone expects nutmegs and stepovers, but football isn’t that. You sweat, you give your body to the cause. There are matches where you have to roll your sleeves up. Some people have understood that and Paul especially.”


“Congratulations, my friend Paul Pogba. It was an incredible victory, you have joy and brilliance. Congratulations to all, a group that proved strong at the right time!!!”

Paul had few words of his own as he awaits the future to unfold.


“It’s unbelievable, magnificent, wonderful. People criticised, people talk bad about us at the start of the World Cup and now we won. Now I want to hear them. They’re gonna celebrate with us, and it’s fine, we invite them to celebrate with us.”

“The only answer we can have is on the pitch. The criticism is always going to be there, it’s the job of the journalist. I take it as a challenge, to get better and better, to win trophies. My team and I won the World Cup, we’re in the history forever.”

“I have so much respect for all the guys at United. Marcus, Jesse, Fella, Romelu, even Adnan who was there, Phil Jones. I spoke with them and they congratulated me, even Victor from Sweden texted me saying good luck when they lost. They are family to me.”

Up next after recuperating is club football and fans can’t wait to see the new version of paul pogba at club level, Mourinho has most definitely stirred something in the ace midfielder. Scared of saying it ?, I will do you the honours this time.


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