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Paul Merson: Arsenal need to get it right now

They’ve finally put Unai Emery out of his misery.




Paul Merson: Arsenal need to get it right now - arsenal

Arsenal finally part ways with Unai Emery, much to the relief of the club supporters. However, the job is far from over, as the search for a replacement begins.

Unai Emery’s time at the North London club was an absolute disaster, with several unpleasant records broken. As Arsenal continued to wallow in failure and denial of what they’ve become.

Paul Merson believes the next appointment must be right, in order to walk Arsenal out of their self dug hole. With the pundit suggesting three possible replacements in Mauricio Pochettino, Brendan Rodgers and Nuno Espirito Santo.

“Arsenal should go for Mauricio Pochettino or Brendan Rodgers now they’ve finally put Unai Emery out of his misery,” Paul Merson told dailyStar.

“I’m all for Rodgers getting the job. He’s a proven coach. He improves players – and these players need to be improved!

“I like Nuno Espirito Santo at Wolves as well. And Pochettino is a top manager who is out of work and available. He might be tempted.

“They just have to make sure they get this appointment right because it’s a crucial decision that will decide Arsenal’s future.

“But who are the football people making that decision? Where are they are? That’s what worries me. Can you trust them?

“Emery is probably relieved. He looked lost. I don’t think he knew what he was doing. I think he had lost confidence and was making bad decisions.”

Paul Merson: Arsenal need to get it right now - arsenal

For now, Arsenal are stuck with interim coach Freddie Ljungberg, as they take on Norwich City on Sunday. With Per Mertesacker to work alongside the manager during his short time in charge.

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