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Nations League: Cristiano Ronaldo asked De Ligt to join Juventus over Barcelona

Mattijhs De Ligt has revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo may have asked him to join Juventus over Barcelona, after Netherland’s Nations League 1-0 loss to Portugal.

De Ligt, 19, is a must have talent in football at the moment, with the likes of Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool and most recently Juventus linked with securing the Ajax Captain.

Cristiano Ronaldo shared a joke with the 19-year-old after the 1-0 loss, before the Portuguese talisman gave him a pat on the head.

Speaking afterwards, Mattijhs De Ligt lifted the lid on the conversation between himself and Ronaldo. When asked if the Portuguese striker had urged him to join Juventus, De Ligt told Dutch publication NOS: “That could well be true.

“What I answered? I didn’t understand him at first. So I said… no, I didn’t say anything.”

He added: “I was a bit shocked, that’s why I laughed.

“But I didn’t say anything.

“Just after the game you just feel bad that you’ve lost, that’s all you’re thinking about.”

Mattijhs De Ligt would however take sometime to think on his future. “I will go on vacation now,” He told TV Univision.

“I am going to think about what’s best for me and then I will decide.

“I think it’s important for a young player to play, that’s the only thing I know.”

While De Ligt is believed to be closer to joining Barcelona, several reports claim the 19-year-old has been offered a massive £350,000-a-week to join Manchester United. We’d however have to wait till after his vacation, to find out De Ligt’s final decision.

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