“More defensive than you think,” LVG launches another attack on Man Utd’s Solskjaer

"More defensive than you think," LVG launches another attack on Man Utd's Solskjaer - ole Gunnar Solskjaer, manchester united, Louis Van Gaal

Louis Van Gaal has launched another scanthing attack on Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, saying the manager is even more defensive than predecessor Jose Mourinho. “He parks the bus right in front of David De Gea” He said.

It’s becoming a periodical agenda for the former manager who also laid into Solskjaer for similar reasons in the past month.

Van Gaal has called for Man Utd to change their style of football, if they hope to dominate on the big stages.

“I can see how Ole had some impact in the beginning, because United were ninth in the table when he took over and the team was nothing,” LVG said.

“United had been playing anti-football, as I call it, but don’t think that Ole isn’t afraid to park the bus either — he is more defensive than you think.

“I have been watching the team, because I always look at United still, and Ole parked the bus against Arsenal. He did it against Tottenham in the league. And at stages against Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona in the Champions League.

“He plays against all the big teams like that. The emphasis is more on defending than on attacking or wanting to play dominant football. I actually call it parking the bus. Ole does it not just outside the 18-yard box. He parks the bus right in front of [goalkeeper] David De Gea.”

He added: “When United play that way, they play 4-4-2 and play counter attacking football with Marcus Rashford and Romelu Lukaku. They are gambling on the speed of those two because they are faster than their opponents when they get the space. Rashford’s pace is incredible. You don’t catch him when he breaks away.

“But if Man United want to be a dominant force in Europe again – and in England – they have to have a different playing style.

“The problem as a foreign manager is that you find out that the English football culture is different from Germany and Spain. In those countries, you work on things in training. In England, everything is done by playing matches. They get fitter or gain stamina by playing lots of matches.

“It is a culture you cannot change easily. I wanted to change things, but it proved very difficult.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on the hand, has promised change since his arrival, and while the manager has revealed the summer will see some new faces at the Theatre of dreams, he isn’t in support of an instant Overhaul and would rather piece United back together gradually.

“We plan to be in the top four, we plan to be in the Champions League next season and we want players who can keep us in the Champions League and move us up the table,” Solskjaer said. 

“But we know there is not going to be a quick fix. We have to take it step by step.”

“There will be new players coming in over summer but I don’t think you can expect six. I don’t think any manager you ask would be in favour of that amount of change anyway.”

“We want to rebuild but it is going to have to be gradual, over a few windows.”

He added: “When I was given the job there was an understanding that we had to get Manchester United’s DNA back into the club and the team.

“That doesn’t mean I want to live in the past. It would be naive to tell players to do all the same things we did when I played. But I want to create a culture that we all believe in.

“When I played the manager trusted us and we took responsibility for our own careers. If anyone stepped out of bounds, they wouldn’t stay here long. That’s the way it has to be at a club like this.”


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