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Merson: Arsenal aren’t any better, but Emery may not leave soon

Paul Merson delivers bad news to Arsenal fans over Unai Emery.




Merson: Arsenal aren't any better, but Emery may not leave soon - unai Emery, arsenal

Paul Merson says Arsenal are now bad all-round under manager Unai Emery but admits the Spaniard has been lucky to keep his job and is probably there for the long run.

Arsenal have been reduced to the barest minimum, the Gunners failing to win the last five matches and are showing no promise in any department under manager Unai Emery.

Paul Merson suggests the North London club have now gone bad both defensively and attack wise. The club legend revealing he doesn’t see any sign of improvement now or anytime soon either.

“I don’t see any change, at Arsenal,” Merson told Sky Sports. ‘They don’t keep clean sheets, they let in goals for fun and do you know the worst thing about it now?

“They don’t even really look like scoring goals, which is the thing with me, with Arsenal, they always looked like they were going to score goals, even though they would be ropy at the back.

“But I don’t see that happening now.”

Arsenal’s next five Premier League games

  • vs Southampton (home)
  • vs Norwich City (away)
  • vs Brighton and Hove Albion (home)
  • vs West Ham (away)
  • vs Manchester City (home)

Merson suggests the next run of games would have been perfect to call time on Unai Emery’s stay at the club. Admitting the manager has been lucky to still have a job, and is probably not leaving anytime soon.

Merson: Arsenal aren't any better, but Emery may not leave soon - unai Emery, arsenal

“Looking at what’s to come with Arsenal, the fixtures, I think he’s there for the long run,” he continued.

“I think this was a prime [time] to say ‘right, let’s get someone in, this hasn’t worked, bring a manager in, got five or six unbelievable football games to come up, get off to a great start, and then we go from there.

“I think he’s very fortunate.”

However, Unai Emery’s time at Arsenal could soon be at its limit. With star striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang reportedly set to leave the club if there are no notable improvements. A move, which could inadvertently trigger a review of Unai Emery’s woeful stats at the North London club.

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