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Manchester United fans don’t know if they want Paul Pogba back

But Manchester United are lacking in creativity!




Manchester United fans don't know if they want Paul Pogba back - Paul Pogba, manchester united

Manchester United are lacking in creativity, but if it was to come from Paul Pogba. At what cost?

Pogba has been injured for the most part of the season so far but is expected to return to the squad by December. The Frenchman’s return comes as good news to supporters but could bring an end to a good story.

Since Paul Pogba, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has had to struggle with injecting creativity into the squad. But at the same time, it produced a meaningful partnership between midfielders Scott Mctominay and Fred.

Manchester United fans don't know if they want Paul Pogba back - Paul Pogba, manchester united

On Paul’s return, there is bound to be a reshuffle, and Manchester United supporters fear it could bring an end to what has been a fruitful partnership between both players.

Pogba is known for his split passes and creative sense, as well as his defensive faults and some sort Ill decisions.

With the Frenchman, Manchester United are almost guaranteed of more stability going forward. But it’s the lack of involvement in defense and the costly defensive errors that put fear in the mind of fans.

United are beginning to look formidable in attack, with four wins and nine goals scored in the last five games in all competitions. And apparently, fans don’t want the fairytale to end.

Paul Pogba‘s creative sense is missing in midfield. But fear they’d be bringing to an end, an era free of the player’s antics and at least noy having to worry about the midfielder’s ugly reactions to situations.

Solskjaer needs to perfect the job when Paul Pogba returns, but without compromising a potential opportunity with Fred and Mctominay.

Maybe finally, the Frenchman gets to move forward, not minding about much defensively, just like he always wanted to. But, that is of course if he decides to put his head in the game.

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