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Manchester United: can’t blame Solskjaer for trying a different approach

Manchester United: can't blame Solskjaer for trying a different approach - ole Gunnar Solskjaer, manchester united, Ed Woodward

For club supporters sometimes, the past plays little role in our judgment of a manager, Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for instance.

The red devils are wallowing in abject failure, but it’s obvious it’s not of any fault of the Norwegian manager, no matter what we might think about the poor man simply trying to get a simple job done.

Manchester United have tried a new age, a veteran, even a legend, and nothing. Ever imagined why David Moyes, Van Gaal, and Jose Mourinho failed to see the light at Old Trafford.

Trust the fact, that no manager not even the lightly built Jurgen Klopp or the great Pep Guardiola will string in a reasonably positive performance with this current squad of Solskjaer’s.

Manchester United: can't blame Solskjaer for trying a different approach - ole Gunnar Solskjaer, manchester united, Ed Woodward

Can’t blame the manager for trying a different approach, well, of course, Jose Mourinho tried the loud approach, and we can all see where that ended, so for some reason, there is meaning to what the Norwegian has come for, not just for himself but for the next man in line should he fail to finish a job he started.

Back to the root?

Manchester United’s problem began from the end of Alex Ferguson’s time, with succeeding managers forced to work on a foundation built on another’s ideological and yet similar results expected.

Moyes tried, and his failure compounded and of course handed over to Louis Van Gaal, who was not given ample to rebuild, and had to work on another man’s failure.

Jose Mourinho was the next in line, but by then United have more waste than useful resources to work with, and even the special one lost his touch once he arrived at Old Trafford, and now Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The Norwegian has taken a new approach, and why fans don’t see the big picture. The truth remains that Solskjaer could be the best thing to ever happen to United since the end of Alex, call him the forerunner or savior if you want, but he’s got a job in mind and it’s for the very best of the club.

Solskjaer has been one of the very few managers to really see Man Utd’s problem, a large squad of names built through series of failed attempts by previous managers who tried so salvage their job they made several desperate moves in turns.

United are stretched so thin, but that’s because the manager would rather make the right moves, than compound to the club’s misery by simply adding another option.

Forget what you hear every day, forget the sermon after every loss. Jose was a fighter and that didn’t seem to get the job done, so why expect the same effort if it already proved futile just months ago.

Manchester United have started a massive clear out under the guidance of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The manager is so close to getting rid of what you’d called ‘the mistakes of the past’ but if fans continue to pile the pressure he’d take the wrong step and it would have been all for nothing.

Where the failure lies

United’s biggest mistake is ignorance, and not on Solskjaer’s part.

Had the club recruited a director of football, allowing Ed Woodward mastermind affairs outside the pitch, and Solskjaer on it, then it may have been a different story.

It’s not news United find it difficult to seal a deal, and why not. After Ed Woodward made a pronouncement, the club can pull off deals many can only dream of.

The red devils have always gotten away with throwing in a few more bucks and getting the job done, but with the inflated market, it has become a lot more difficult for the Premier League giants.

Manchester United: can't blame Solskjaer for trying a different approach - ole Gunnar Solskjaer, manchester united, Ed Woodward

Except Ed Woodward wakes up a new man and pull off the required deals, then United’s first move to aid the job Solskjaer has done would be appointing a director of football, a role it seems Ed Woodward has continuously procrastinated.

Barcelona and especially Real Madrid have replicated years of success time after time, with this simple formula. Something Solskjaer understands, constantly stating United will only sign ‘right players’.

It’s no easy feat curing the disease Ed Woodward has spread of Manchester United. But with how far Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has come, United’s biggest mistake would be sacking the Norwegian.

Patience United? There is no other way. Nothing good can be built on the wrong foundation. Fans must back Solskjaer to clear the club of all its past mistakes, and with the club already stretched so thin, it won’t be long now.

Patience United!


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