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Managers will snub Arsenal, everything just seems awfully wrong

Arsenal have a lot to fix than just Unai Emery.




Managers will snub Arsenal, everything just seems awfully wrong - arsenal

Uhm, usually when a position is vacated in a team as big as Arsenal. A thousand names would jump at the opportunity to become the next boss.

However, it seems the case is different with the Gunners, as it’s unlikely who the North London club would convince to try his luck this time.

Just to put that out there, Unai Emery was not particularly a bad manager. But he did manage Arsenal poorly, and on that note very well deserves to be sacked.

However, like Manchester United, the case at Arsenal runs deeper than a simple change of managerial section, or the injection of a wand of resources.

Managers will snub Arsenal, everything just seems awfully wrong - arsenal

Fans would want nothing more than to seal a surprise deal for former Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino. But as it stands, they may have to look elsewhere, with Poch insisting he could never manage the Gunners and is understood to be holding out for a bigger job on the continent(Dailystar).

Tottenham Hotspur could easily sack Jose Mourinho today and have more resume of managers ready to jump at the job, before even turning an eye on Arsenal.

Brendan Rodgers is another, who the club is believed to be keen on. But it’s also unlikely a deal would happen, with Leicester City currently in flight mode in the Premier League.

Other names that have popped up for the occasion include Spain’s Luis Enrique, Man City’s Mikel Arteta, Napoli boss Carlo Ancelotti and former Juventus manager Max Allegri.

However, you’d get the feeling, that none of the named managers would simply jump at a chance to take charge at Arsenal.

Since Arsene Wenger, there has been a massive decline in the club. Arsenal are determined not to rush into a quick fix appointment after finally firing Emery, having experienced their worst run since 1992.

The North London need to first put their house in place, or they’d simply be making a wrong appointment after appointment. It’s time to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch. The days of Wenger’s glory are over, now it’s time to drop the act and start a new empire.

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