Man Utd Solskjaer, no different from Jose Mourinho says Van Gaal

Man Utd Solskjaer, no different from Jose Mourinho says Van Gaal

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has largely impressed since taking over role as Man Utd interim manager, following Jose Mourinho’s sack last December. However, not everyone believes the Norwegian has moved on from Mourinho’s tactical approach, famously called “The Park the Bus”. Rather the only difference in both individuals is that “Solskjaer is winning” says Van Gaal.

In lengthy words, Louis Can Gaal told BBC: “The coach after me [Mourinho] changed to park-the-bus tactics and played on the counter. Now there is another coach who parks the bus and plays on the counter. The main difference between Mourinho and Solskjaer is that Solskjaer is winning.

“I am not there but there does look to be a change and the atmosphere seems to be better. It is also true that Solskjaer has changed Paul Pogba’s position and put him into an area where he is much more important.

“But the way Manchester United are playing now is not the way Ferguson played. It is defensive, counter-attacking football. If you like it, you like it. If you think it is more exciting than my boring attacking, OK. But it is not my truth.

“Solskjaer has just lost twice and he has to manage that. It is very important that Manchester United qualifies for the Champions League, as it was when I was manager. But they can also win the Champions League because they play a defensive system and it is very difficult to beat them, which, whether you like it or not, is the result of Mourinho’s work.”

Louis Van Gaal had a thousand words to describe everything, and surely he didn’t forget his history with the young players, and the chances he provided to ensure their growth.

“I read something from Mourinho saying I only did that out of necessity. Not true. I created the necessity.

“Manchester United had over 30 players. I brought them back to 23. Then I had an open selection for the youth academy. I did that at every club. That is why a lot of young players have made their debuts with me.

“A lot of trainers, like Mourinho, never give youngsters a chance. Yes, five minutes. Solskjaer, 10 minutes. That is not a chance. A chance is a game.

“Too much experience is not good. Then you have an automatic pilot. You always need imagination and you cannot forget how inspiring young players can be.

“If you are not willing to trust young players, you are not suitable to be a manager of a club with a youth education.”

He continued: “Your personality is also very important. In my time, Rashford was very modest and I thought he would reach the higher level,” Van Gaal says.

“I knew players with the highest ability to kick a ball from A to B but as a human being, no. Then you can forget it.”

Louis Van Gaal wasn’t the most popular type. However, he had a philosophy he was convinced of and legacies bigger than just results. And without doubt could be counted as one of the best managers of our time.

He added: “I have a philosophy. I was convinced of it and by winning trophies in four countries, I proved the philosophy worked,”

“But my legacy is bigger than just my results. I am also a relations coach, not only with my players but everyone in a club.

“It is not my image but I am very human in that way. At Manchester United there were more than 40 people in the performance department. The medical department, the fans. They all had a heart for the club. I went to work as an analyst at a game at Liverpool and the United fans were still shouting my name.

“I am proud people still like me. That is what is most important in life.”


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