Juventus are the Serie A Champions, but let’s be clear about one thing?

Yes! Juventus are the Serie A Champions. Frankly speaking, there was really no lesser requirement. With the squad and power they possess, one could easily pick the winner before the fight even began the year before. 

The Old Lady’s did deliver, but was Massimiliano Allegri really that instrumental?

It’s a definite No, – no offense Allegri – but nothing less was expected of a team with a talisman in Cristiano Ronaldo, coupled with the squad depth enjoyed by Juventus.

“Ronaldo is the future of Juventus. I’m sure he will do even better next year.” Allegri said.

Many are still hurt by a Champions League exit at the hands of Ajax, but that aside; Juventus were a lot less exciting and adventurous as expected from a team with such high power over the Italian dominion.

There was literally no other goal scorer besides Cristiano Ronaldo, and even when he was high and mighty in the game, it was quite obvious that Juventus struggled to particularly break down opponents there were expected to walk over in the first place.

Allegri has hit his peak with Juventus, and it’s time a new hand help them beyond the current barrier, and not just on the European stages.

Juventus have the quality to strike fear into literally every and any opponent, but the reverse has been the case. The Old Lady’s can’t hide the season’s failure behind an obvious trophy.

It’s time to reassess, the club has taken its first step when they broke the bank to secure Cristiano Ronaldo. The new season deserves a different approach, and there are doubts if Allegri could do the job.

Don’t get it wrong, Massimiliano Allegri hasn’t been a defective point at Juventus. He’s been his best, but the Old Lady’s have hit the peak under the manager, and yet there are still aims left unachieved.

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