It's either Zidane or Bale, the truth Madrid must face - Zinedine Zidane, real madrid, Gareth Bale

It’s either Zidane or Bale, the truth Madrid must face

It’s either Zidane or Bale, a choice Florentino Perez must make soon if he hopes to curb the imminent disaster at the Bernabeu.

The Frenchman and his Welsh winger are far from reconciliation, with Bale’s story taking a new twist following his exclusion from Zidane’s team on a case of injury.

It’d be quite harsh to say Zizou had no part to play in the quarrel with the winger. But Gareth Bale’s reaction to the matter is an absolute nuisance, one that Madrid would not want lingering in the dressing room for longer.

If Bale enjoys golf so much, then it’s probably best for every one he takes up his newly found passion, and exit the world of football for good.

Following the summer saga, the Welshman was surprisingly included in Zidane’s squad. Personally, I’d say that was a show of confidence, an act of forgiveness and an intention to move forward.

However, Bale’s reaction to being excluded in the manager’s latest squad due to concerns over his health shows the winger’s true character.

It's either Zidane or Bale, the truth Madrid must face - Zinedine Zidane, real madrid, Gareth Bale

A demand for power, that neither a manager of Zizou’s caliber or Florentino Perez can and should not encourage.

Real Madrid are in a tough spot at the moment, but who better to help the Los Blancos out of their current situation that the club legend himself.

It was never going to be an easy job to move on from the Galacticos and Cristiano Ronaldo, but Zidane is very much capable of getting the job done.

Bale’s presence is, however, a job even more daunting than putting together a new Galactico. It’s a burden Perez will have to deal with, if the Los Blancos ever hope to move forward.

It’s as simple as it gets, sell Gareth Bale or Zinedine Zidane walks aways. As it’s apparently clear there is a rift between both parties practically beyond mending.

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