'I'll work on the mentality' - Solskjaer wants more against lesser teams - ole Gunnar Solskjaer, manchester united
Manchester United

‘I’ll work on the mentality’ – Solskjaer wants more against lesser teams

Manchester United and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer have earned their respect against the Premier League elites, but have some way to go to keep at bay lesser clubs.

The red devils have produced impeccable performances when faced with a huge task. With Solskjaer yet to lose against any top-six side so far in the season.

However, it’s against the league’s lesser clubs that Manchester United fall apart, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer knows it’s time to turn their focus towards improving results against such teams.

“If it’s a mental thing, then we can sort it out,” he said. “We’ll work with the mentality of the boys. 

“For me, it’s been very much about margins in those games. Some freak results that we can’t control. But if you look behind the results I’m not as negative as you are. I’m not so worried, so concerned. 

“If the boys are then telling me they can’t get up for these games – then we’ve got a problem. Then I’ve really got to work with them because, when I played, that’s how we won the league.

“We never gave points away against the lesser teams, the not-so-good teams. The Premier League is difficult – if you don’t have that mentality you won’t get results. I’ll work on the mentality.

“We’ve had chances in every single game. There are so many games I could go through that we should have won. We know that we have to get better results against teams that drop deeper. We’ll improve on that.”

It’s no longer a question of if Manchester United have some attacking football in them. They’ve shown that time after time, not even Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho stood a chance in the midweek.

However, it seems United can’t maintain the same attitude and have struggled to break down supposedly weaker opponents who are content to concede possession.

'I'll work on the mentality' - Solskjaer wants more against lesser teams - ole Gunnar Solskjaer, manchester united

Solskjaer isn’t too concerned anyway, as he believes his attackers will find a way, admitting United need to learn to move quicker, and sometimes earn the right the win.

“We know we can play quick, attacking football when we get the shape right,” added Solskjaer. “The attitude was spot on and every time we had the ball it seemed like could carve them open. 

“It doesn’t matter if it was two passes or four passes or 10. The first half was attacking football as it should be played.

“The quality of our attacking – how quick we go from one end to the other and the intent of going forward. It’s not like we win the ball and the boys want to slow it down to have a rest. No. The goal is that way and we go that way.”

He added:  “You’ve got to earn the right to win. Sometimes you’ve got to earn it by passing quicker, winning the ball back – there are different ways of winning games of football.” 

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