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Guardiola wants one less Liverpool attacker on Sunday, Mane says no!

Sadio Mane will dive again, if it means they beat City at Anfield.




Guardiola wants one less Liverpool attacker on Sunday, Mane says no! - Sadio mane, Pep Guardiola, Manchester City, liverpool

It’s been a war of words since the weekend between Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola over what the city boss has abruptly made his biggest concern.

Sadio Mane was a content of the discussion after Guardiola accused the forward of diving to help the Premier League leaders secure a late three points against Aston Villa.

Apparently, it’s a mental game created by the manager to put Sadio Mane – who Pep says has a ‘special talent’ for diving – under the spotlight, in the hope to render the attacker a little less effective at Anfield on Sunday.

Sadio Mane acknowledges Pep Guardiola’s claims, he knows the consequences of the latest development. But reiterates he won’t change his approach and would dive again on Sunday if it seals all three points for Liverpool.

Guardiola wants one less Liverpool attacker on Sunday, Mane says no! - Sadio mane, Pep Guardiola, Manchester City, liverpool

“I think it’s a bit clever from him to get the attention of the referee but I will just play my football like I’m always doing,” he said.

“I don’t pay attention to what he’s saying because it’s part of football. It doesn’t make anything for me. Even though I saw him commenting about it, what he said, for me, I think it’s positive …”

Quizzed if thought Pep Guardiola was worried about facing Liverpool on Sunday, He said: “Maybe. I don’t know. You guys know more than me. The only thing I can say I will be for sure ready for the team, to give everything possible, and to help my team.

“If it could be a penalty for sure I will ‘dive’ again. If the dive will give me a penalty then I will do it to get it back. Why not? But what Jürgen said is correct. I do not dive.”

He added: “There was contact, for sure, Maybe it was not a penalty and he didn’t give it, and he gave me a yellow card. To be honest I don’t have any problem with it.

“For sure, it can happen in football and we have seen many people, some diving and get penalties, some got a penalty and the referee didn’t give it. That’s football. You have to deal with it.

“[I will keep doing] like I’m always doing. It’s what I want to keep doing. If I get a penalty, yeah it’s a penalty. If no penalty, no penalty, but [it will never] change the way I’m playing or the way I’m doing my things.”

Whether it’s a true war of words, or a simple tactical plan drawn to play in his favor. Pep Guardiola will nevertheless be playing a strong and confident Liverpool, and on home ground, they’ve been known to rattle opponents, even one’s as strong as themselves.

Both managers know it’s a tough game, probably even a title decider. With Manchester City already trailing by six points and likely to drop to third place with a loss on Sunday.

Referee Michael Oliver will take charge of the game, an appointment that may please the supporters, given the fact Liverpool have never been beaten in all 18 previous matches he has officiated at Anfield.

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