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Guardiola: For the Champions League, Liverpool feel no pain

It’s now down to the final minutes of football, spread over a few matches to decide who eventually lifts the Premier League trophy, as Manchester City and Liverpool hope to the settle the score at the very final whistle.

Manchester City are off the Champions League hook, after been knocked off by Tottenham Hotspur. And Pep Guardiola doesn’t believe two tough games against Barcelona is an advantage, as they head into the final three fixtures of the season.

“To be involved in the Champions League semi-finals, you are not tired. You don’t feel any pain, nothing,” Guardiola said.

“That is a better position to be in, to be in Liverpool’s position and to be in the semi-finals.

“Regarding the toughest months of this competition – in December, January, February – and they have two weeks in training camps, [while] we have to be here and playing every three days, that is a big advantage for the opponent.”

Pep Guardiola needs to steer clear of anything other than a win against Burnley, Leicester City and Brighton and Hove Albion to win the trophy. And the manager left some honest truth about the Premier League standard.

“The people know that before [last season] you have to be close to 90 points and now you have to be close to 100.

“We helped Liverpool to achieve that and Liverpool help us to maintain this level.

“It’s like when Usain Bolt makes a 100 metres race – that’s the standard, other people have to achieve it. Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, that’s the standard, it’s the same.

“One hundred points in a season, if you want to compete you have to do that.”

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