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Gatti: ‘If Lionel Messi has the balls, then join Real Madrid’

Messi needs to quit Barcelona to prove he’s best in the world.




Gatti: 'If Lionel Messi has the balls, then join Real Madrid' - Lionel Messi

Former Boca Juniors goalkeeper Hugo Gatti has challenged Barca talisman Lionel Messi to prove he is the best in the world, by joining Real Madrid.

Gatti believes Lionel Messi has everything in his favor at Barcelona, and will never truly rival the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, and Pele if he doesn’t prove his worth at another club.

Messi’s lack of success on international ground pits the maestro as absolutely human, a factor Gatti believes will always see the talisman ranked below his rivals.

Gatti: 'If Lionel Messi has the balls, then join Real Madrid' - Lionel Messi

“It seems as if I am anti-Argentine, but until Messi performs in the big games, he will continue to be a player of home games,” Gatti said on TV show El Chiringuito de Jugones.

“He has to have balls to go to Real Madrid and prove everything there like Cristiano [Ronaldo did]. Otherwise, he will be just one more [player].

“Cristiano went to the best club in the world. Messi plays at home, on his pitch with everything [that comes with that in terms of home comforts].

“Let him perform in the Champions League and the World Cup, otherwise he will always be one more [player]. When he performs there, he will fight with [Johan] Cruyff, [Diego] Maradona and Pele.

“Messi performs when they let him perform. It’s very easy to perform with everything in your favor at home.”

Lionel Messi, 32, is a master of his game, but the Argentine has a very visible archilles heel in the fact he’s never really been exceptional beyond Barcelona.

Messi would boast of his thousand trophies, but until the forward levels the plain on all fields, there will always be that doubt of his true qualities.

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