Gary Neville: It was decent a performance from Man Utd

Gary Neville: It was decent a performance from Man Utd - manchester united, Gary Neville

Gary Neville believes Man Utd put up the best performance they could against Man City, a view the Sky Sports pundit knows very well will not be accepted by all.

United would eventually succumbed to second half goals from Bernando Silva and Leroy Sane, and while it’d be easy to rip into the players and Ole. Neville had some truth, as he admitted they played as much as the team could. A statement which backs the large difference in quality of both clubs, squad depth and individual player characteristics.

“I think tonight, I thought it was a decent performance from United,” Neville said.

“I know that might not be agreed with. 

“City were the far better team in the end but I actually think that’s probably as good as that team can play. 

“They would win a lot of games if they played like that, United, against the other opposition. 

“Obviously not Man City, that was the difference in quality.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will embark on a long needed clear out of Manchester United’s squad at the end of the season, and the manager has admitted he expects to have the right characters in the squad, for when the pre season begins.


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