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Even Messi has his limits

Not everyday! Lionel Messi won’t always save Barcelona.




Even Messi has his limits - Lionel Messi, Barcelona

Every day isn’t yesterday, Barcelona can’t always rely on Lionel Messi coming to the rescue. Even the legendary talisman has his limits, and it’s not far fetched.

Barcelona’s reliance on the No 10 has always never been a question. It’s a fact, and the ugly truth they’d have to accept. The Argentine is the sole core and practically the only core at Barça.

It was scarcely a week ago, when the Argentine worked his magic, as Barcelona thumped Real Valladolid 5-1 in the mid-week. However, fast forward to the weekend, and Messi would still hold a goal, but not Barca.

Even Messi has his limits - Lionel Messi, Barcelona

Three second-half goals condemned the Liga champions to a loss, as Levante rode to 3-1 win in the weekend, with Messi the only Catalan to impress on the night.

Barça have spent a whole lot in an attempt to move past the era of an overly Messi dependent team. However, it seems everything that crosses the Camp Nou simply breathes under the talisman.

It’s now been three years under Ernesto Valverde, and still no change. Barça aren’t getting any better, depending on one man, who is constantly let down by everyone around him.

There is so much Lionel Messi can do for the club, and that’s a lot. But the No 10 can’t conjure goals, it’s a collective function – meaning everyone has to play a part.

The collapse to Levante was simply one of many, and frankly not the last to be expected. Without Messi, Barça are as scalar as it gets, as the talisman is Ernesto Valverde’s only working plan.

It’s a scruffle at the Camp Nou, and despite the wealth of talent, one man still has to shoulder it all. Even the legendary football gods have bad days too, and yes! even Messi has his limits.

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