Contrary to the world, King labels Sergio Ramos “the nicest defender” he has faced

Surely Liverpool and Mohammed Salah will be having none of this, as their biggest Champions League adversary [Sergio Ramos], has seemingly been vindicated of his role as the biggest monster in football by Bournemouth striker Joshua King.

Ramos came up against Liverpool and Salah in the previous Champions League final, and the result of that meeting denied Mohammed Salah the ability to use his full feature, as the Egytpian was hauled off the fixture with a shoulder injury after going toe to toe with the Spanish international.

However, seems not everyone has a bad impression about the football veteran, at least not Joshua King, who doesn’t understand the reason behind the rough and dirty picture generally painted about the Real Madrid man.

“I actually thought Ramos was a … He’s known to be ugly and dirty, but I can’t remember the last time I played against such a friendly stop. We talked a lot during the fight” King told Nettavisen.

“I have not seen all the games of Ramos, I have only heard the rumors, but from what I experienced today, I think all the tackles were fair and I think he was a good trainer”

He added: “It was fun to play against one of the world’s best stoppers and quite frankly I think I managed fine.”

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