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Champions League: Is the Camp Nou overrated?

Champions League: Is the Camp Nou overrated? - champions league, camp nou

A trip to the Camp Nou is all there is between either Manchester United or Barcelona, and a place in the semi finals of the Champions League competition.

United produced a decent performance at Old Trafford, and still lost to the Catalans, thanks to Luke Shaw‘s own goal. 

The red devils travel to Barcelona for the second leg of the competition, and if you’ve been attentive, you’d hear the walls speak great fear into the Manchester United family, of the great terror and flames of fire they’d expect when they come visiting.

The Camp Nou is surely one of the many most exciting stages of club football. Boasting of a 99,354 audience capacity, the Catalan’s famous stage covers a surface area of 55,000 square metres and peaks at a maximum height of 48 metres. However, is the Camp Nou overrated?

Several have come, and several have fallen. The Camp Nou can boast of one the best records against nearly every vicious visitor, and the club faithful are hoping to add Manchester United as one of its latest victims.

The Camp Nou’s biggest strength isn’t its massive size or height; But the audience. Even with a large 76,000 Old Trafford capacity, the Barcelona home is bound to strike fear into one of its biggest opponents. To speak less of its absolute magical sight and color.

It surely is massive, but not impenetrable. While its seen many fall at its mercy, it’s also seen it’s hero fall at the feet of many.

Despite not been one of it’s strongest heroes over the years, Barcelona will welcome one of it’s biggest rivals on the European stages in the form Manchester United

The Catalans surely have the upper hand, but the unexpected isn’t completely out of the picture. 

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his army of reds, will attempt to push to the very limit and probably test the resilience of the famous Camp Nou. A fall is unexpected, but will the Camp Nou ever remain the same should the – near – Impossible happen?

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