Better than Neymar? Raheem Sterling backed for Balloon d’Or

Better than Neymar? Raheem Sterling backed for Balloon d'Or - Raheem Sterling, Neymar jr

Former Chelsea and Marseille forward Tony Cascarino, has backed Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling to win the ballon d’Or, adding that he would take the forward over Selecao star Neymar Jr.

Raheem Sterling has walked his way up the ladder, to become one the best forwards in the world. However, Cascarino would place the attacker as one of the top five and definitely above Neymar Jr.

Both players were on target on international duties. Raheem Sterling netting, as well as assisting in England’s 4-0 win against Bulgaria. While Neymar as well found the net, and provided an assist on his return in Brazil’s 2-2 draw against Columbia.

Better than Neymar? Raheem Sterling backed for Balloon d'Or - Raheem Sterling, Neymar jr

According to Brazil boss Tite, Neymar is one of the world’s top three players, and only bested by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

However, Cascarino would probably disagree, stating that Raheem Sterling has surpassed him [Neymar] in recent seasons.

“Who would you rather have: Neymar or Sterling? I’d have Sterling as a player,” he told talkSPORT.

“Try to ignore the antics that have gone on with Neymar off the field, I actually think Sterling’s better on the field.

“His numbers are better and he’s playing in a better team. I’ve seen Neymar do things that no other footballer can do in the game, like a ‘Harlem Globetrotter’ footballer.

“But if you want a player to be brilliant for the team and score goals at the rate Neymar can, Sterling’s your man.”

Better than Neymar? Raheem Sterling backed for Balloon d'Or - Raheem Sterling, Neymar jr

He added: “I would definitely argue he’s in the top five players in the world.

“What excites me about Sterling is the improvement. The improvement has been dramatic.

“If you were to put him on the market tomorrow, Man City wouldn’t take £150 million for him.

“If he continues to improve, he’ll become the first or second [best player in the world] and probably win the Ballon d’Or along the way.

“If he wins the Champions League with Man City and plays a big part in that, and he scores a lot of goals over the course of the season, he’ll have a great chance of winning it [the Ballon d’Or].”


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  1. I won’t want to take the pride out of Sterling. He’s a great player for sure, but Neymar? That u don’t compare.
    There’s a reason Barca want him back, and am sure Sterling won’t fill that role.
    Cascarino can think all he wants. Fact is, Neymar is a better player compared to the English man.

  2. Quite a garbage comparison between the two. It’s like comparing an labor with an artist. What he said’s completely out of his jaundiced eye for a British blood. You can eat shit mr. Cascarino. No one’s gonna buy him more than 100 m.

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