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Atletico Madrid initiates legal proceedings over Antoine Griezmann – Barcelona deal

Antoine Griezmann finally got his move to Barcelona, as the Catalans announced a €120 million deal for the Frenchman.

However, seems Atleti aren’t letting go easily, and have announced the club will open legal proceedings regarding Griezmann’s move to Barcelona.

In a statement released by Atletico Madrid just a couple of hours after Barcelona announced Griezmann’s deal, the Rojiblancos, claimed that the deposited amount is insufficient to cover his [Griezmann] buyout clause,  which the club has stated is within the region of €200m.

“Antoine Griezmann, represented by his lawyer, has appeared at the headquarters of the Professional Football League to unilaterally terminate the contract that links the player with Atlético de Madrid, with Fútbol Club Barcelona having deposited the sum of 120 million euros in the name and on behalf of the footballer.

“Atlético de Madrid considers that the deposited amount is insufficient to cover his buyout clause, since it is obvious that the agreement between the player and FC Barcelona was closed before the clause was reduced from EUR 200 million to EUR 120 million. It was also prior to the date on which the clause was modified the communication that the player made on 14 May announcing his disassociation from the club.

“Atlético de Madrid believes that the termination of the contract happened before the end of the last season due to facts, acts and demonstrations made by the player, and therefore has already initiated the procedures it has deemed appropriate to protect their rights and lawful interests.”

Griezmann has been on the ledge at Atletico Madrid, with the Frenchman coming close to leaving the club a couple of times in the past. However, the striker had seemingly angered the club, releasing an exit statement in a video on his Twitter account, while negotiations where still on going between both parties.

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Barcelona announce €120m Antoine Griezmann deal - Barcelona, Antoine Griezmann

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