Are Chelsea the new Arsenal?

Absolutely not, Chelsea are worse than arsenal. I’ve never been more embarrassed, as I looked on to see City rip into a fellow top six side in a fixture which was utterly one-sided.

Pep Guardiola once named Chelsea as one of the few clubs who could find their way to the Premier league title. With this performance, they’d be closer to the relegation zone than in line for a Premier league title challenge.

Maurizio Sarri’s demand for patience may have been tolerated after a Huddersfield demolition days after being haunted by an AFC Bournemouth thrashing. But this? This takes them a thousand step backwards, and just like i said in the past, there are no quick fix for Chelsea.

A daunting brace from Gonzalo Higuain had gotten the West London blues excited ahead Manchester City clash at the Etihad, but Sergio Aguero was the hand behind the wheels, as Chelsea were left in ages past, suffering a 6-0 defeat at the hands of an impressive City side.

Chelsea have been stripped of their dignity at the Etihad. It was simply men against boys, as City ran away with the victory giving Chelsea no chance.

Demolition, destruction, annihilation. These three words sums up today’s fixture at the Etihad, a day the west London blues will be hoping they could quickly forget.

Is Sarri really bad business for Chelsea? The Italian manager’s popular Sarri-ball has failed in all ramifications. Leaving Chelsea in 6th place, and now behind Manchester United and Arsenal after just 90 minutes of bad football. For now, Chelsea have no future under stubborn Sarri and its bound to get worse with Europa league football set to resume and Injuries always an unforeseen factor when it comes to football.

With a 2-0 win over Manchester City in the reverse fixture,You’d think Chelsea actually stood a chance. It was however an utter humiliation for the visitors, it wasn’t by choice, but Chelsea are way behind if this is what they and Sarri-ball are all about under Maurizio Sarri.

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