Carrom Pool v.5.0.1 MOD APK: Download to Get the Access to Coins and Other Prizes!


What Is Carrom Pool v.5.0.1 MOD APK?

In India, there is a very popular board game called Carrom. It is similar to playing Billiards or Pool, except that you have to use your finger to strike instead of a long cue stick. Well, Carrom Pool, as its name suggests is the same game of carrom but in a virtual format. Carrom Pool v.5.0.1 MOD APK gives you an opportunity to Play Carrom at Home.

Carrom Pool v.5.0.1 MOD APK

It was developed by Miniclip to offer users a real-time experience of playing this board game without having to buy any of the equipment. The game is also meant to be made more accessible to a western audience who are more used to the Billiards.

Features Of Carrom Pool v.5.0.1 MOD APK!

  • Multiplayer Mode One problem with real-life gaming is that you need to have all participants with you at the time of commencement of the game. Well, no more. With the multiplayer mode, you can have a nice game with friends and even strangers all over the world making way to new friends, the only condition being the game needs to be online.
  • Offline Gaming For those thinking about what they are supposed to do in case of no or weak internet connection, Carrom Pool v.5.0.1 MOD APK offers solutions to such problems as well. In case a player wants to pursue a game offline, he can as well play the game in such conditions. Of course, as understandable, the player will not have access to his online friends or global users, but can fruitfully continue playing with the computer which is designed to pose as a real person on the other end.
  • Unlimited Gems One of the more common features of Carrom Pool with other general multiplayer online games is its utilization of gems. The method of earning gems in this game is simple. It is based on the number of wins that a player is able to secure. With each win or point earned, the player is able to win gems. These gems are useful in unlocking features in the game which makes it more delightful to play.

  • Design Carrom Pool v.5.0.1 MOD APK is made in a rather appealing format. The board is sleek and smooth in appearance. The checkers are directed with reality-based precision when struck, and players get the opportunity to follow the journey of their strikes checker through the board hitting the slot or ending up missing it. This well-made interface for gaming enhances any player’s interest and results in an effective experience.
  • Chest Purchase Once you start playing the game, you will notice a section called ‘Shop Corner’ on the right of the screen. As obvious by its name, Shop Corner has various items on sale that can be bought using real money. However, thanks to the modded version, players do not need to use any real money and can have unblocked access to these gems and chests. The chest categories comprise of varieties like the Master Chest, Pro Chest, and the Supreme Chest.

How To Download The Game?

Carrom Pool v.5.0.1 MOD APK


  1. To download, go to Settings of your Android device.
  2. Click on Security. A menu will run down.
  3. Go to the option that allows apps to be downloaded from Unknown Sources since this is a third-party app. Toggle the button to ON.
  4. Now that you have acquired the permission for the app, download Carrom Pool v.5.0.1 MOD APK from
  5. Go to Downloads and seek out this downloaded Carrom Pool apk file. Click it open.
  6. This will initiate the installation from after you click on install.
  7. Wait for it to be installed, and after completion, click on ‘Done’

Carrom Pool v.5.0.1 MOD APK

You can now enjoy a smooth gaming experience of Carrom Pool v.5.0.1 MOD APK without any hindrances as it is free and is the cracked version to allow users to access all gems, chests, and other locked features without effort.

You may Download Carrom Pool v.5.0.1 MOD APK from our Telegram (

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