Adobe Lightroom v.6.0 MOD APK: Download and Unlocked Features Now!!


What Is Adobe Lightroom v.6.0 MOD APK?

Adobe Lightroom v.6.0 MOD APK is a very well known manufacturer of editing and creating tools. We were all familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Player. Its products have always been one to reckon with and thus its popularity is completely accounted for.

Adobe Lightroom v.6.0 MOD APK

Adobe Lightroom v.6.0 MOD APK is another one of Adobe’s achievements. It is mainly a photo editing tool. Unlike Adobe Photoshop which reserves the ability to create something from nothing, Adobe Lightroom is perhaps more about recreating an already existing product.

The app has all the basic editing applications such as color enhancement, cropping, and tone modulation like any other photo editing app. Apart from these basic features, the Adobe Lightroom app is also host to a lot of additional features which is what makes it beyond excellent. These complimentary tools enable making an ordinary photograph, extraordinary through the vision of the user via the app.

Features Of Adobe Lightroom v.6.0 MOD APK!

  • Colour Moderation One of the most distinct features in a photograph is its color aspects. While bright colors can seem a little out there, muted colors give off a silent lonesome vibe. To present a picture in its intended intensity, getting the color right is a huge task. However, while taking photos we are often unable to control this aspect as it depends upon a variety of factors including lighting, shade, and angle. Such factors are smoothened out with the color moderation tool in Adobe Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom v.6.0 MOD APK

  • Available Presets This is another fascinating feature of Adobe Lightroom. It comes with already present presets. These presents help in the color coordination of photographs. And so, they need to be applied before taking a photo. These help in adjusting the color frame and relate appropriate touch to your clicks. Several formats are preexisting in the app, however, in case you are unsatisfied with either, you may then use the tools given in the sidebar to twerk it up a bit.
  • Tutorial Aid Adobe Lightroom v.6.0 MOD APK comes with this rare function in mobile apps of providing a tutorial. Basically, every time you venture into using a feature, it shows a pop-up that explains the function of the tool you are about to use and the possible effects it will have on your picture. This is a helpful and simple process of anticipating a particular effect without having to actually try it to know of its outcomes.

  • Remove And Replace Often we take a great shot but there is that one element that mars the entire effect of the photo. While it is possible to select another photo that does not have this ruinous effect, it still robs you of the opportunity to have the perfect photo. Adobe Lightroom has come to the rescue for this eternal problem. While high functions such as removing a particular section and merging it with available footage are something only high-end tools like Adobe Photoshop can perform – Adobe Lightroom provides this feature as well in its limited phone camera boundaries.
  • AI Feature If you are a fan of martial arts, you might appreciate this one. Adobe Lightroom comes with Adobe Sensei – a feature that allows smart recognition of photos and arranges them accordingly. Thihandyul feature saves users from the trouble of assembling their photos, and they can simply type in their required label to get access to all the photos under the category. For, e.g. if you type ‘trees’ it will display all photos featuring trees. This tool is also useful for facial recognition.

How To Download the App?

Adobe Lightroom v.6.0 MOD APK

  1. Go to Settings on your Android device. Click on Settings.
  2. In Settings, you will find a rundown menu. Find the option to gain access to third-party apps, and turn it ON.
  3. Download Adobe Lightroom v.6.0 MOD APK from this link.
  4. Click on install once it has been downloaded.
  5. Tap on ‘Done’ once the installation process is complete.

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