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Vector MOD APK

About Vector MOD APK

The inspiration behind Vector MOD APK is a military athletic technique called the Parkour where practical skills can be used to overcome obstacles and win a race using just a T-shirt, a pair of trousers, a pair of sports shoes, and of course training and proper technique. Vector, much like games like subway surfers and temple run is an unending running game where players need the perfect control skills and impeccable techniques to overcome obstacles in the course to progress in the game.

Developed and published by Nekki, Vector MOD APK also has a very interesting and unique story background against which it is set. The main character of the game whom the player will role-play is an employee of a mysterious company who is frustrated with the workload and the treatment meted out by his boss.  Unable to take the pressure and monotonicity of his work, the character throws away the paper works, gets rid of his work clothes, and jumps out of the glass window.

Vector MOD APK

However, the character has the tricks of true parkour artists up his sleeves. The player starts running through the roofs of high-rise buildings to get away from the security. Just like in other running games like Subway Surfers where the character runs away from the police who would arrest the character for drawing graffiti or in temple run where the character runs away from the demons, the character here also needs to run away from the security officials who would electrocute him if caught.

The most interesting part of Vector MOD APK is the animation which sets it apart from other running games. In 2D graphics, the main character is a flat, solid black entity much like the animations in Shadow Fight. The realistic, smooth, and flexible movements of the character closely resemble actors in action movies. The control of the game is also very easy to use as it has the feature of one-finger control where the character’s movements can be controlled by sliding one finger on the touch screen. The character can master up to 100 parkour moves.

What you should know about Vector MOD APK?

As Vector MOD APK progresses, the player needs to collect money to unlock new parkour moves and learn new skills. As a result, the user will not be allowed access to all the moves from the beginning of the game. To tackle this problem, third party developers have modified the game in such a manner that the player will get access to unlimited money and stars even before the player starts to play the game.

This way, the player can get access to all the moves and skills whenever required, that too for free! The modified version made no changes to the real animation and graphics which will allow the players to have the same gaming experience but it makes it easier for the player to score. The modified app is also safe and free from all malware.

Vector MOD APK

The installation process of the modified app is quite simple and the steps are provided further in the article. It needs no rooting or other complicated procedures. However, the only two needs that the app has is that the device must have an android OS of version 4.0 and above and the original gaming up must not exist in the device memory.

How to Download the Game?

Vector MOD APK

Follow these simple steps to download and enjoy the mod app:

  1. Click on the link below to download the Vector MOD APK.
  2. Install the apk file after the download is complete. Make sure the “install from unknown sources” option on your device setting is turned on.
  3. Launch the app and enjoy it.

Vector (Mod unlimited money) apk version 1.2.1

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