Vector MOD APK: Download The Running Beast With The Great Parkour Technique!


With Vector MOD APK one can unlock the premier version of the running game and enjoy the unlimited skills and techniques. This gives you access to unlimited money and star with that you can buy any skill and technique at any point in time.

About Vector MOD APK

Vector MOD APK is one of the most popular running games. It is something like Subway Surfers but with more technique and skills. Vector has mostly followed the military from Parkour. Parkour is basically a military game in which the athlete develop a skill to run through different level of obstacles.

In this game, the payer with great effort and hard work learn to run in any kind of situation and from any of the ways in spite of several obstacles. In Parkour one just need a t-shirt, pants and a pair of sports shoes. And most importantly a proper training and lots of hard work and practice.

Vector MOD APK

Well, Parkour came in the topic as Vector is largely inspired by the game and follow all the rules and techniques.

Story Of Vector MOD APK

Vector’s plot is revolved around a frustrated employee who had a burden of work. One fine day he decided to quit the job and run away. Vector threw away everything, all the files, and papers and ran out from the window.

Vector MOD APK

The security person followed him immediately. As he is trained in Parkour he ran fast to the terraces and narrow ways very fast. But the security person is also is trained in Parkour they made a tough competition. And the game is about how Vector saves himself from him.

The Graphic And The Design

Vector MOD APK design and graphics and design are mostly similar to Shadow Fighting. And this gives a real feeling with great design and sound qualities. The characters appear in black shadow and are flexible enough to move in any direction with a suitable action.

Victor is 2D but during playing the game you will find it most comfortable except for some occasional lags Once you get used to the game this won’t be an issue and Victor is a really entertaining and challenging game for all the gamers out there.

How To Play Vector MOD APK?

Vector is very popular among all the action games. Unlike Subway Surfer the security person can get a hold of the runner. He needs to apply skills and moves to save himself from the guard.

In the gameplay, the player needs to run. jump, climb, roll, and every necessary move. Cleverness is the main tricks for the game and the player needs to very clever and know when to apply which moves.

All the moves do not unlock at the beginning. One requires to pay more to get access to all the move and successfully play Vector MOD APK and save him/herself from the guard.

Victor has two modes, hunter and story mode. In story modes, the security guard is always behind the player and can catch any time. It is upon the player how he/she is applying tricks and moves to save from the guard.

Vector MOD APK

And in Hunter mode, the player can dress him/herself as the security guard and hide from the guard on different occasions. Though the dress is slightly bulky and heavy it does not create any problem during the running and jumping.

Why Choose this Game?

As discussed earlier one needs enough money and stars to unlock all the moves and tricks. Vector MOD APK allows you to get a lot of money and buy all the moves at any point in time.

Vector MOD APK

Vector MOD APK is widely available in the browser and can be downloaded and install safely. There is no security threat and easy to apply. So to get all the Vector modes in an earlier period of time download Vector MOD APK and start the exciting run.

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