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About Nova Legends:

Nova Legends Mod APK is a shooter 3D game developed by Gameloft. The sci-fi based gameplay is sure to grab the attention of gamers and it has already gained huge popularity among both beginners and pro gamers. The android mobile multiplayer game has the character of Kal Wardin as the protagonist.

He is a member of the N.O.V.A. mariners and is called on duty to wage a war against the Colonial Administration, wearing a mobile armor suit. The other gaming character is Yelena who is an AI-based agent of Kal Wardin who assists him in waging a fierce war against the evil alien forces to save mankind.

Nova Legends Mod APK

The users can choose battle modes from a selection of modes. For example, in the battle mode Deathmatch, the player needs to be the last one standing to win a battle among 8 players. The users can customize their marine soldiers in terms of changing avatars and their armors and skins to get them ready for the battle and upgrade the existing choices in exchange for coins available within the game.

The players of Nova Legends Mod APKcan upgrade and customize their guns and other weapons in exchange for cards. The interface and the graphics are developed in such a way that the players can actually have the experience of playing the game on a real gaming console. Several story modes are also available to be chosen by the players that have different aliens to fight while keeping the overall concept of the game the same.

About 20 million players are currently playing the game which makes the multiplayer game all the more challenging as well as gripping along with a thrilling storyline, realistic animations and graphics, and a user friendly, easy to control interface. There is also a Nova Legends Mod APK of the original app available to be used in android devices that provides added advantages to the players to win battles and set them apart from other players.

Features of Nova Legends Mod APK

Nova Legends Mod APK

The original android app has been modified by third-party developers to add some more features to the existing ones to make gameplay a better experience for the players. Here are the added advantages of the NOVA legends mod apk for android:

  1. Unlock all Weapons– In Nova Legends Mod APK, the new and advanced weapons remain locked in the initial levels of the game which are unlocked one by one as the players progress through the different levels. In the modified version of the app, however, all the weapons including the legendary ones are unlocked from the very beginning and so the users can upgrade or customize their weapons as and when needed in the battle.
  2. Easy to Install-Nova Legends Mod APK is very easy to install on your device and it dies not even require rooting your device. The users just need to follow the quick and easy steps mentioned below to enjoy the game.
  3. Safe and Secure– The apk file is free from all malware and it is completely safe to be installed on your device. It will not harm the device or its system soft wares.

How to install the Game??

Nova Legends Mod APK

Here are the steps to download and install the Nova Legends Mod APK file on your device. Make sure that you have deleted the original game from the phone as well as any earlier versions of the modified app before you start the process.

Nova Legends Mod APK

  1. Click on the link given below to download the apk file.
  2. After the download of the apk file is over, install the app on your device.
  3. Launch the app and follow the instructions. You can now enjoy playing the game.

NOVA legends Mod apk download

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