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About Fall Out Shelter :

Fall Out Shelter Mod APK

Fall Out Shelter Mod APK, an extension to the Fallout game universe, was developed by Bathesda Game Studios with the help of Behaviour Interactive and was published by Bathesda software in June 2015. A couple of months later, the game was released globally to be supported by iOS devices. Fall Out Shelter Mod APK for android devices was released in August 2015 and for Windows devices in July 2016. The game also released again in February 2017 to be supported by Xbox One and in June 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

The gameplay of the multiplayer, simulation had gained quite popularity among critiques and gamers around the world. According to Fall Out Shelter Mod APK, the players get and manage their own Vaults and Overseers and in order to direct the residents of the Vaults known as dwellers who are led by the Overseers. The aim of the players will be to keep the dwellers happy by providing them with food, water, and power. They are also required to rescue dwellers from wastelands and assign them to various resource buildings in their Vaults whose special abilities help to generate various resources.

Fallout Shelter Mod apk:

Fall Out Shelter Mod APK
Fall Out Shelter Mod APK game requires the users to have money in order to extend their Vaults and provide and manage resources among the dwellers. The main feature of the modified Fallout Shelter app for Android users is that there is an unlimited supply of money and hence the players can have access to all resources for a smooth gameplay experience. The Mod apk also has a lunchbox hack that gives you access to unlimited secrets in the game.

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Other Features of the Game

Fall Out Shelter Mod APK
Besides the main features mentioned before, here are some other features that put the modified version on a better footing than the original app:
Fall Out Shelter Mod APK has the gripping gameplay of the original app and makes no changes with the regular control and features of the main application. Using the modified app will give you the same experience as using the original one and sometimes, even better. What makes it more interesting is that a number of new adventures await the players. For example, the players can go to the site of a blast and survey the wasteland.

Fall Out Shelter Mod APK
While building the Vaults for the dwellers, the players can customize their vault designs. The modified app provides for unlimited customization options. The interface of the app modified by a third-party developer is simple, convenient, and challenging at the same time to keep the gamer engaged for hours.

How to Download Fallout Shelter Mod apk:

Fall Out Shelter Mod APK
Click on the link given at the end of this article in order to download the apk file. Make sure the “install from unknown sources” option is enabled on your device before you start with any of the procedures. You can check this by going to the settings of the device and clicking on the “application” option of your android device. After the apk file is downloaded, open the file and select the prompt that asks the user to install the app. After the installation process is over, launch the game. You can now enjoy Fall Out Shelter Mod APK with unlimited money and lunchbox hack anywhere and everywhere on your android device.

Download link for The Game

The link to the apk file to be downloaded is given below. The app can be used in any android device of version 2 and above and with a RAM of at least 1GB. Install the apk file once it is downloaded to enjoy the game.


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