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What is Spotify all about?

Remember the time when we had to buy tape recorders and CDs to listen to albums? Well, we have come a long way since and the world of music has gifted us with several apps. Among which Spotify MOD APK has managed to garner international fame.

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Spotify MOD APK

Although Spotify is well sought it is quite expensive and becomes quite burdensome to afford for people who do not have a larger spending frame.

Spotify MOD APK Price Range

The Spotify MOD APK has two categories: one is Freemium and the other Premium. While the Freemium version comes free of cost, it imposes a number of restrictions upon its users which ruin the overall experience and push one towards the premium service which allows for much more relaxed listening although with a hefty fee.

The Premium price ranges as follows:-

The Student Plan: For students who have access to only a paltry amount of pocket money, a Spotify MOD APK plan is offered at 4.99 USD. It offers a Hulu subscription that is brought to you by ads, and it also gives access to all other features.

The Individual Plan: Just like single-player games, this comes at slightly higher pricing of 9.99 USD and gives access to music streaming without ads, and also allows downloads and playback.

The Family Plan: The costliest yet probably the best option for a multiple user scenario, the family plan comes at 14.99 USD. All premium features are accessible in this plan and there is also available a playlist customized by Spotify MOD APK for you.

Spotify MOD APK

Spotify MOD APK Features

Spotify MOD APK offers as many features as the Premium without the necessary obstruction of a costly fee. Among its features we have:-

  • Song Selection Freedom Unlike the Freemium version, the cracked version allows users to play any song of their choice and puts no bars on accessibility. It makes the music experience more desirable and satisfactory for users.
  • Extreme Content Availability The Family plan of the Premium version blocks explicit music for listeners. But the Spotify MOD APK version allows for free listening and offers and liberating experience for its users.
  • Repetition Usually it takes a tough time for Spotify to allow users to repeat the songs they want to and it often does not allow skipping out on songs altogether. No such problems arise with Spotify MOD APK as it allows repeats of all those tunes you cannot get enough of.
  •  Root Permission Not Required Many times modded apps require root permission to install into your Android but no such permission is required for the cracked version of Spotify MOD APK. Root permission leads to many data harming tendencies in its host device and hence this is a special bonus
  • Free Download The Spotify MOD APK version allows for offline download which is prohibited in the Freemium version. This helps in keeping your favorite songs, podcasts, audiobooks, etc within your convenient reach.
  • Ad Blocker The most annoying feature of any free streaming platform the advertisement is fended off in the modded version. No audio ads barging between a soulful track and no visual ads destroying focus in the middle of an interesting audiobook will be seen in the Spotify MOD APK.
  • Sound Quality The Freemium version compromises on sound quality due to the cut costs. The developers of the modded version who have unlocked the Premium version have made no such compromises in the cracked version as it gives high-quality audio experience.

Spotify MOD APK


Spotify MOD APK allows users to listen to their favorite soundtracks, allows shuffling, repeats, and the freedom to choose whichever track they want to play. It also allows access to podcasts, comedy routines, audiobooks, poetry, and everything that Premium offers, but for free.

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