Medical Courses To Pursuit After Class 12! Find Out Which Direction To Take Your Academics To.


What to do after Class 12?

Medical is a dream of many but what are the Medical Courses To Pursuit After Class 12? The medical field is interestingly diverse and equally important. While one might think of a regular physician first when talking of medical science, it is far from the truth that medicine begins and ends with just that. In fact, if it had not been for all the other kinds of medical care available, the regular physician would have been well incapacitated to come to anyone’s aid.

Before thinking of a career in medicine, therefore, it is perhaps most important to remember, that hierarchies or positions are created by society, and are grossly secondary – the only mandatory requirement for being a medical professional is to care enough about medicine and general health science in order to qualify. So if you are confused about the Medical Courses To Look Forward To After Class 12 is hazy for you here’s our guide for you.

That being said, medicine is still a developing science and needs all the hands it can get. Hence it is beneficial to direct your energies in order to realize which path is most suited for you to contribute towards medical science. Anyone who views a certain medical discipline higher or lower than the others is illusioned and is failing to perceive the fact we are only vessels towards a larger goal: which is the delivery of science.

1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc Nursing)

Medical Courses To Look Forward To After Class 12

Nurses are armed with a lot of practical knowledge which is not always textbook prescribed. They are also sought after for their caregiving which is a criminally underrated healing approach. Medical Courses To Pursuit After Class 12 is Nursing. It is time the world realizes their value especially with the ongoing pandemic situation, where nurses are one of the frontline warriors. B.Sc. Nursing has to be supplemented with general nursing, midwifery, auxiliary nursing, and midwifery courses.

Duration: 4 years

Course Fee: Rs. 60,000 to 3 lakh

Entrance Exams: AIIMS B.Sc. Nursing Admission Test, NUPMET, AFMC B.Sc Nursing Entrance Exam, BHU B.Sc (Nursing) Admission Test, CMC Ludhiana B.Sc Nursing Entrance Test, PPMET.

2. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

MBBS is as stressful as it is glamorous. While it is the first step towards pursuing a degree concerning a specialization, it also calls for hardcore discipline and endurance through residency and beyond. Updating on the latest breakthroughs and better treatment procedures are a must for anyone aspiring to pursue this degree.

Duration: 5.5 years

Course Fee: Rs. 6 lakh to 53 lakh

Entrance Exam: NEET UG

3. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm)

An interesting and engaging course to pursue. Candidates will gain a lot of effective insight into understanding different medicinal salts, solutions, and other chemicals. It will benefit those who wish to run their own pharmacies someday. The potential amount of knowledge generated through is course lucrative. If you are really confused about Medical Courses To Pursuit After Class 12 then you can give B.Pharma a shot.

Duration: 4.5 years

Course Fee: Rs. 5 to 12 lakhs


4. Diploma of Pharmacy (D.Pharma)

Medical Courses To Look Forward To After Class 12

This course might serve as a shorter duration training in place of B.Pharma. The course is instrumental is aiding students to understand the approach of working in government pharmacies and render support in the medical subdivisions of hospitals.

Duration: 2 years

Course Fee: Rs. 30,000 to 2 lakhs

Entrance Exams: UPSEE

5. Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc & AH)

Medical Courses To Look Forward To After Class 12

Bent on medicine but soft for the fluffy ones? Apart from the known fact among students who have studied Biology in 10+2, that there are distinctly different approaches that cater to the animal anatomy, veterinary sciences are also famed for the joy they provide for being able to help those who cannot enunciate their troubles as clearly. Candidates can legally practice as veterinarians after successfully graduating from this course.

Duration: 5 years

Course Fee: Rs. 1.25 to 5 lakh

Entrance Exams: NEET, AIPVT

6. Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS)

Dental care is a fast-growing concern in a world economy that largely survives on junk food and coffee. Candidates who aspire to follow the career path of orthodontist or prosthodontist will find use in taking up this stream. This is a foundation course for future dental surgeons or regular dentists.

Duration: 4.5 years

Course Fee: Rs. 5 lakh to 20 lakh

Entrance Exam: NEET

7. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

All kinds of professional fields come to a halt because of the small tricks of muscle fibers. However, even if these problems are irregular, their cure is based on quite regularised treatment plans. As the rate of muscular spasms and injuries are increasing, so is the demand for professionals in the field. BPT graduates can make successful strides in urban regions since people in these regions tend to rely on physiotherapists to ease high-stress levels.

Medical Courses To Look Forward To After Class 12

Duration: 4.5 years

Course Fee: Rs. 60,000 to 3 lakh

Entrance Exams: JIPMER, State level entrance exams (CETs), NEET, IPU Physiotherapy Entrance Exam

8. Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery (BHMS)

Homeopathy is a fascinating and extremely interesting course of medicine. Homeopathy follows the concept of supplying the body with enhancements to activate its already present healing abilities. It is often doubted for its unconventional approach, but one has to remember that it has not come all this way based on anything. Homeopathy doctors take a holistic approach to treat patients after looking at the underlying causes of the illness.

Duration: 5.5 years

Course Fee: Rs. 4 lakh to 10 lakh


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