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What Is Instander?

Instanter is a modified clone application of Instagram. This means it has been made based on the foundational framework of Instagram, but it has added features to enhance the quality which is bogged down by drawbacks on the original server of Instagram. You can get a lot of benefit after downloading Instander v.7.1 APK from our Telegram(

Instander v.7.1 APK

Instander works very similarly to Instagram. Although one has to remember that it is a clone application, in other words, it is not the same as Instagram but is a completely different entity. Hence, to signify this Instander has a different logo, but again quite similar to that of Instagram.

Features Of Instander v.7.1 APK

Instander v.7.1 APK allows sharing photos or videos which highlight your interests or day-to-day activities. It might also signal a major achievement or event of your life. Interactions via posts are enabled to attain a more consuming social media experience. You can also upload stories with photos or videos which will remain on display for 24 hours.

Instander v.7.1 APK

Furthermore, Instander v.7.1 APK also sports a section called ‘Interests’ where your enthusiasm might find a getaway and help you in connecting with similar minds and similarly motivated groups or individuals. There is also the ‘Explore’ section that allows you to seek new random areas of interest via celebrated pages or suggested areas of choice.

A Brief into Instander v. 7.1 APK

In order to iron over the faults which Instagram kept displaying, a modified free version was created by TheDise. The version(Instander v.7.1 APK) in discussion at present, as you can see, is not the first version but the seventh one. Before this one, we had v. 7.0. Each version comes up with more updated and developed features and allows for a more satisfying experience of the app.

It is mandatory to remember that the Instander APK is likely to malfunction if installed alongside Instagram. Instagram has to be uninstalled in order to omit to malfunction of the clone + MOD APK.

Features Of Instander 

Instander v.7.1 APK is the latest version and has rectified several hangups of the previous versions. It has also corrected the lack of Instagram. Check out its latest development:-

  • Hide Viewing Stories This feature enables users to views others’ stories without their identity being known. In other words, you can view anyone’s stories without them knowing. It is a lot alike to Whatsapp’s privacy settings which hide blue ticks and makes the story viewer anonymous. All this is only available for Instander v.7.1 APK.
  • High-Quality Stories There has been an improvement in the quality capacity in this version. Now high-quality photos and videos might be uploaded without hassles.
  • Remove Liked Post The updated version allows for getting rid of liked posts so you may have fresh content to feast your eyes every time. It is similar to Instagram’s archive option, but regardless an addition.
  • Video Auto Play Control Whether to repeat a video or not is now an option on the app. You can choose to shuffle it if you want with this new feature. So Instander v.7.1 APK gives you the privilege to repeat a video or not.
  • Ads Disabled Obviously the winner of the lot. No more popping ads ruining our social media trance. We may socialize without commercials henceforth.
  • Content Can Be Downloaded Gone are the days when we would rely on screenshots. Now photos and videos can be downloaded, even those on stories.
  • Leaving Unread A miracle feature for sliding DMers. This feature allows users to hide the sender’s message if she does not want to reply. This way the sender never gets to confirmation that his message was viewed. Hence they may take the hint (we hope).

Instander v.7.1 APK

Instander v.7.1 APK Conclusion 

Instander is a verified app free of malware. Its several updated versions make it better with each development. Its features reflecting Instagram are proof to show that well-made things may have variety and that does not diminish the quality of either the influencer or the influenced. So Instander v.7.1 APK is a perfect choice for any 21st Century Person.

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