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What Is FaceApp?

Why look like yourself when you can look like something else? The FaceApp released in the winter of 2017 and left everyone grappling for a new identity. The existential crisis found an escape as we learned to do that one thing we have been trying to do a long time – change ourselves and like it. Only this time it need not be permanent, so in case we get tired, we can change it again! FaceApp Pro MOD APK makes your selfie experience a lot better. Now you can download it from our Telegram ( https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFkozVqsn6t8pWzvpw)

FaceApp Pro MOD APK

FaceApp Categorization

Now the FaceApp was probably not conceived keeping in mind the present condition of the society’s mental health, but hello – it surely did help! Released by none other than the Russian Company, Wireless Lab – FaceApp garnered popularity in no time. It was as if the app was just waiting to be launched to be lapped up by demanding admirers. It looks like FaceApp Pro MOD APK is here to change the way we take Selfies.

FaceApp Pro MOD APK was last updated in March 2020, and it has primarily two categories – the free one, and the Premium one. As always the Premium one has all the best features and the free one is, well, free. So to avert this problem a modified version came into place which offers all the benefits of the premium app (plus more) and is also free – best of both worlds!

What Is FaceApp Pro MOD APK?

FaceApp Pro is the Premium version of FaceApp. It offers several features like background variety, hair and style feature, etc. which are locked in the free version. However, the Pro version does need some coughing up of money and therefore we present the modified APK of FaceApp.

FaceApp Pro MOD APK

The FaceApp Pro MOD APK requires users to have Android 5.0 or above in order to synchronize. It offers many features even additional ones that promote the fun character of the FaceApp application.

Features Of FaceApp Pro MOD APK

The free MOD version of FaceApp has come up with a number of features. Here we shall take a look at those:-

  • Background FaceApp Pro MOD APK has introduced a background changing option. Usually, most filter apps require a separate app altogether for background changes, but FaceApp MOD comes with this application along. Users can choose among a huge array of options.
  • Age Alter Undoubtedly the most popular one. The age-changing feature allows users to look younger or older and users get a big high out of seeing themselves in any form but the present. Well, it is kind of obvious. Who wants to face the present anyway? Not FaceApp!
  • Hollywood If there is something that transcends reason, it is the charm – and that is exactly what the Hollywood filter offers. A dream feature to convert any regular look into a sparkling dazzle or a somber noir frame – the FaceApp Pro MOD APK is here to give wings to those fairytales.
  •  Watermark Disabled A regular offender of the FaceApp Pro MOD APK, the watermark does not appear in the Pro version, and users can share their photos without the obstructing mark. This feature is also available in the MOD Apk.
  • Hairstyle As Phoebe Waller-Bridge says in the Prime series Fleabag, “Hair is everything.” A different hairstyle can go a long way in the alteration of our looks. This app is pretty useful that way to experiment with haircuts without actually going through the trauma of a bad decision for months.

FaceApp Pro MOD APK

  • Facial Hair For those who could not blossom beyond the adolescent years, this app has come to their rescue. Beards and mustaches have the ability to dramatically change a person’s look. It is nice to be able to see oneself in a different light once in a while. So facial hair can be disappeared using FaceApp Pro MOD APK!
  • Makeup Of course there is a makeup feature in something called FaceApp. Very subtle though, the changes made by the filters are naturalistic and quite becoming. Whatever gender one might belong to, everyone must try the makeup option at least once.
  • Gender Switch A very common secret fantasy. It is really fun to see ourselves as a different gender. Some people are even falling in love with their swapped images – such are the miracles of technology.

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