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What Is BitLife?

BitLife MOD APK is a real-life simulator game app. It has been developed by Candywriter, LCC, and has garnered a wide audience already. One of the first life simulator games in our lives was probably SIMS. In fact, SIMS is still heavily popular with the masses because of its increasing updates and original idea of a game that imitates real life.


Another game of mention in this field is perhaps Second Life. Second Life is another real-world imitating game application. It even has been mentioned in the popular mockumentary ‘The Office.’

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How To Play BitLife MOD APK?

What is common about all these apps is their penchant for copying real life. Non-players might wonder why would players want to play a game that is basically like living an actual life. Can they not just live their real one instead? Well, this is where the idea of this game blooms. Real lives are not exactly in our controls, whereas, in the gaming world we have the freedom to tweak and adjust and get thousands of do-overs. This second chance at living is what makes these games special, and simultaneously deadly addictive. Thus BitLife MOD APK gives you this and more!

Games like Second Life and SIMS and even BitLife MOD APK are not looked at with respectful eyes in the gaming world due to classist notions of what a gamer should be. But, the truth is everyone must get a chance at living a life they feel happy in. And BitLife offers exactly that. And, any game that offers happiness is above all these isolating notions of right and wrong constructed by society.

What Is BitLife MOD APK?


BitLife MOD Apk is a cracked version of the original game. It offers all the premium features for free and offers access to restricted features of the app like a pet store etc. Let us look at a few features of the game:-

  • The BitLife MOD APK version gives access to the dark background. No more eye blasting white lights. Your comfort is now available for free in the modded app.
  • All premium features unlocked, hence players can enjoy them for free. Lots of features that are only available in the paid premium version will be available in the modded version too.
  • No ads and other such disturbances while playing. The on and off popping ads will no more be a hindrance in the cracked version of BitLife.
  • Study hard at the beginning of the game to reserve bonus points for a better life. Just life real-life capitalism, game life capitalism also grows through your life squeezing labor. Enjoy being productive!
  • Choose your own storyline where you can be anything from a model citizen to a rebel on the loose. No more horsing around and mopping about the life you could not have. BitLife MOD APK offers the golden chance of a do-over for everyone.
  • Maintain healthy relationships with parents if only to profit from the inheritance later. Since we know from traumatic childhoods that most parents effectively play roles to ruin their child’s life and later blame the child for it.
  • Similarly, choose intelligent life options in order to gain momentum in the game, like focusing on hobbies and going to the gym.


How To Download the App?

In order to download the game, you need to follow a couple of steps that are given below:-

Step 1: Go to the given link and download the game.

Step 2: Use a File Manager App to located the file on your device.

Step 3: Click on the BitLife MOD APK and proceed to install it.

Step 4: There might be permission asked to enable security sources. Grant this permission by enabling security settings.

Step 5: Now you may effectively install BitLife MOD APK into your device.


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