InstaAero Mod APK; Know all about the IntsaAero APK and know about its unlimited features here!


Instagram is one of the best social media platforms used worldwide. It is available on various platforms and it is used to share their day to day activities on the platform. It is a photo and video sharing platform that has a wide range of users.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger was the author of the application and the application is owned by the great social media company in the world that is Facebook. The development and the reach of the IG application in a short period of time had made Facebook own it.

About InstaAero;

InstaAero is one of the best Mod APK available for replacing the Instagram application by offering a wide range and varieties of features for the users. InstaAero offers more features that are not available in any other Mod APK and that had made users choose InstaAero.

Official Instagram brings new features and they remove them without any information but in the case of this application, they had they offer more features along with downloading features. The official Instagram has a lot of users that the other social media had because of the quality and privacy of the application. The users also search for more features like download options, and more quality, etc and the users opt InstaAero.

Highlights of InstaAero Mod APK

InstaAero is one of the best applications that provide more features other than the official Instagram application. More highlights are mentioned below;

  • The Mod APK offers more themes other than the official Instagram. The official Instagram offers only a few color themes but the Mod APK offers different themes and different colors.
  • One of the best features is the Hide view stories feature. This option allows the user to see the stories of the other without their knowledge. My story can be seen by other Mod APK users and I can’t see him in my story viewers list.

  • The InstaAero Mod APK users can limit the info of the message with the reader itself, that is the message sent to the Mod APK user will not be seen as read by him even he had read it.
  • The users can’t see the typing info of the InstaAero Mod APK. The Mod APK has the feature of it to don’t show the typing to others.
  • Users can download the media available on the application. The official Instagram doesn’t offer the download option but the Mod APK offers it.

  • The Mod APK offers translation and shortcut features that are not available in the official Instagram app.
  • The Mod APK gives a wonderful option for handling the account that is there is a tracker on unfollowing accounts the unfollowed accounts will be shown to us.
  • The APK disables the ads and also gives the features of no autoplay of media that will save data of the users.

The APK offers more and extra features that all the users wish to have on the official Instagram. The main features and highlights are mentioned above but more features are available.

Steps for Installing the APK

Those who wished to download it can follow the steps mentioned below;

  1. The users can download by searching it on Google.
  2. The users can ensure the safety of the website and can download it.
  3. While installing the users must ensure that the installation from unknown sources is turned on.
  4. After turning that on the application will be installed.
  5. After Installing you can open the app
  6. Now you give the login details and get more features.

The Mod APK gives more features that are not available in the official application. Those who wished to experience the features mentioned above can download the Mod APK and use that.


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