I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 72: Know Release Dates, How To Obtain Scans And Latest Developments


About I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 72

Ten years ago the parting border between humans and otherworldly creatures through space and time came out from concealment. And has since then offered an army of monsters, a point from where they have been targeting and attacking mankind. With this occurrence, simultaneously humans have also gained awareness of their powers and have begun hunting these monsters for money and fame.


One of the humans, Lee SungHoon, needs money in order to treat his ailing mother. Due to this want, he goes ahead and takes on a dangerous job. Much like stuntmen, he provides himself as a bait for the monster hunters four times a month. However, during one of these hunting sessions, he gets seriously injured. Since then he begins to remember his past life as a Sorcerer King. He remembers that he was the King Kratraus in his previous life and with that revelation he begins a magical journey.


Release Date Of I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 72

I Am The Sorcerer King is a manhwa type comic series, which is are comics developed in Korea by Korean artists or authors. They are released one chapter at a time, often in the form of a long continuous comic strip. The first chapter of I Is The Sorcerer King released on October 18, 2019. Subsequently, the following chapters kept releasing on scheduled dates, and Chapter 72 among those was released on January 6, 2020. The latest chapter which was released in Chapter 110, which was released on September 28, 2020.

Reading Details For I Am The Sorcerer King Chapter 72

I Am The Sorcerer King is an ongoing manhwa. It can be viewed through Leviatan Scans. All Chapters of I Am The Sorcerer King has been uploaded on the platform, including the latest Chapter 110 as well as Chapter 72. Chapter 72 has been proofread by CASIO, Edited by ALBERT, translated by PLACEBOMISHAP and it has been cleaned and redrawn by LORD AZT3K.


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