House Of Leaves by Johnny Truant is here! What’s Strange About The Book And What’s There To Love, Keep Reading!


House Of Leaves, And The Logic Behind

House Of Leaves is a book, it’s hard to review. It’s not an easy piece by Mark Danielewski which one read on an everyday basis finishes it in the talk about the book. No, not at all. If anyone reads the masterpiece in that way than he/she might not know how to read the book. Especially of this genre.

The point of arguing about the read is to many complaints had come forward for this book and many think that the book is an irrelevant one without any logic. Well, if you are a true reader you won’t look for logic in the book. The same goes for movies. There are people who often seem to complain about movies of not having any logic.

But it’s all about the fictional world right? You can’t ask for logic in fiction. Yeah, House of Leaves is definitely not the book for the logical fellow out there. You will hardly find any logic in the book. Of course right, one can not expect logic where a blind person writes a long length manuscript without any prior knowledge.

About give a read to this book, till now many have read this book by Mark Danielewski. But a few able to understand the book. To be honest liking or disliking a book depends on the perspective of the reader. The book one loves by all heart, can be disliked by others.

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But here in House of Leaves, the case is a little different. It’s many a time the readers can’t engage themselves in the book and lose interest. Many leave the pages unread halfway as this goes boring for a longer period of time because of the strange yet powerful storyline.

A true reader will find it interesting for the same reason. It is the length of House of Leaves that keep the reader engaged and motivate to read further to unveil the strange situation of the house.

About House Of Leaves by Johnny Truant 

Johnny Truant is the narrator of the book who is there in a large portion of the book. He narrates the story of a blind man Zampano who dies in Johnny’s apartment. While investigating the death of Zampano, Johnny and his friend had found a large number of disorganized papers in the apartment.

The papers were a full-length manuscript and a strange one. Johnny took the manuscript with him and started to read the scripts. The more he reads the more he engrosses himself in the manuscript and started to behave strangely. That’s where things turned really weird.

There are strange things that started to appear in the house where Zampano used to leave. And mostly it started to change according to the manuscript that Truant took with himself. A number of strange and weird things took place upon which many surveys went on to find out the actual reason for the happenings.

It first appeared like the house is larger from inside than the outside. Many things that do not exist in the hose started to appear and dissolve as well. On every day a small closet size room appeared in the house but without any change of the outside dimensions.

Things went more wired when there are staircases, a hallway, and many such things started to appear in the house and also get vanished. There was a hallway that was completely black and strange.

Post all the wired happenings an experienced group of investigators called upon for further investigations. But nothing helps as the scene got crazier with time with lots of things appears and started to vanish. An unexplored part of blackness in the house all discovered which vanished as well latter.

A Must Weird Read For Horror Fans

Mark Danielewski really plot a weird story in House of Leaves. But referred it as beyond understand will not be justified. It is a nice book and a must-read for all the Horror fans. But one needs to be a passionate reader to enjoy such a piece of work.

All the horror fans should give it a try and understand the depth of the story with all heart! Lastly, the amazing fonts and colors of every page of the book which make it more appealing to read.


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