AFCAT: Exam Pattern, Eligibility, Syllabus, & All Updates! Know everything about this exam here!



First of all, you know what is AFCAT? AFCAT stands for “Air Force Common Admission Test” and this test is done so that they can select the officers of all the departments of the Indian Air Force of these and this post will be conducted twice a year.


Candidates must be Indian to apply for this paper.

Age limit Criteria in AFCAT

The age limit in AFCAT depends on their post, if the post is a flying branch, then the candidates should be age limit between 20 to 24 years by 1 Januar, 2021.

If we talk about valid and current commercial pilot licenses then the candidate’s age limit exceeds up to 2 years by DGCA.

And if we talk about its (technical and non-technical) ground duty post, then the candidate is allowed to apply for 20 to 26 years by the checking of their date on 1 January 2021.

Marital status in AFCAT

If the candidate is below 25 years of age and is married, he/she is not eligible to give this paper.

Any divorced women or widows do not come to this paper as eligible if she applies before 25 years.

If any person who has cleared the paper and also cleared the SSB and gets married between the clearing SSB and before the training period, then that they will not be allowed for the training.

No one is allowed to marry on time and at the same time, they are not allowed to live with their family.

If you are above 25 years of age and married, then you are eligible to give the paper.

Education Qualification for AFCAT

Education qualification also depends on which post you are applying for. If you are applying for flying duty, then there should be at least 60 percent of candidates combining Math and Physics in 12 and its graduation should be a minimum of 3 years, which should have more than 60% marks, and if anyone do BE/B-Tech, then it should also need at least 60% to eligible for the paper.

Talk about its technical post of ground duty, so it has two posts in it.

Aeronautical Engineer (Electronics) {AE(L)}

Aeronautical Engineer (Mechanical) {AE(M)}

There is also needed the same qualification. Candidate must be at least 60% in their physics and math in 12 and must have a degree of at least 4 years, with at least 60% marks.

Talk about its non-technical post it’s education depend on their departments.

If your department is Administration and Logistics then it should have any degree of least 3 years and it should have at least 60% in it.

Speaking of the Accounts department, it requires a B.Com degree of at least 3 years, in which at least 60% should be in it.

Education department then you should have an MBA/MCA MA/MSc degree in English/Physics/Mathematics/Chemistry/Statistics or any other subject, you should have a 50% marks in it.

Talking about its NCC Special Entry (Flying Branch), you must have an NCC C certificate in it and it should be after January 2017.

Candidates want to get marks above 60% in the 10+2 and have at least a 3-year degree or you can also bring a 4-year degree if you are doing BE/B-Tech and get at least 60% in it.

Meteorology department, then a postgraduate degree is required in any Science stream/Mathematics/Statistics/Geography or many other subjects. They should be getting at least 50% in it.

Physical Fitness Criteria for AFCAT

If we talk about its physical criteria, then they measure the height and weight according to measurement, if we do not come under the measurement, then we are out or have some time to manage. You can see that the table of male candidates in the above picture. Similarly, you can see that the same criteria happen to girls, you can see in the below picture.

Also, the candidates have to apply 10 push-ups, a 1-mile race has to finish before 10 minutes, and three chin-ups to qualify the physical fitness process.


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