Warrior Nun Season 2. Probable Release Date, Cast, Plot every detail you need to know about the show so far is here!


Warrior Nun is an American fantasy Web series developed by Simon Barry. The series is based on the character of a comic book called Warrior Nun Areala Written by Ben Dunn.

About Warrior Nun Season 2

The series revolves around the story of a 19-year-old woman who wakes up in a morgue and is given a new lease on life as well as a divine artifact is embedded on her back.

It has also shown that she has become a part of an ancient order of Cruciform Sword and has been given the task to fight with demons on Earth also with some powerful forces both in heaven and in hell.

The Cast of Warrior Nun Season 2

Alba Baptista will act as Ava Silva
Toya Turner will act as Sister Mary
Thekla Reuten will act as Jillian Salvius
Lorena Andrea will act as Sister Lilith
Tristan Ulloa will act as Father Vincent and many more.

The Plot of Warrior Nun Season 2

In season 2 it might show Ava with her sister and they might be seen fighting with the demons.

Season 2 might also show Ava finds the strength to defeat Adriel. All of these assumptions can only be found only after the release of season 2.

Release Date of Warrior Nun Season 2

After the release of the supernatural Fantasy web series Nun season 1, the creators officially confirmed that they have renewed Season 2 of Warrior Nun.

However, the date of release of season 2 is not told by the creators and there are rumors that it might be released in 2021.

Expectations from Warrior Nun Season 2!

As season 1 was adapted from the book fans are expecting the second season will also be adopted from the book.

Although the makers did not disclose any details about the storyline of the season 2, all we fans can do is to wait for the season 2 of Warrior Nun.


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