Killing Eve Season 3 is back!! Cast, Synopsis, Probable Release Date and the mystery of Konstantin all update is here!


Killing Eve is a black comedy spy thriller television series produced for BBC America and BBC iPlayer. The first season aired on 8 April 2018.

Recap of Killing Eve Season 2

Being bored with her role in the British Intelligence Agency, Eve Polastri starts getting interested in female Homicide and about their psychology and methods of killing others.

However, due to some incident Eve gets recruited in a secret division, MI6 who was solving the case of an International Homicide call herself Villanelle.

After joining that division Ever came to know that many people of that agency were interconnected to Villanelle.

So, the story shows how Eve becomes obsessed with Villanelle in the course of time after letting go of their initial missions.

The Cast of Killing Eve Season 3

Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri
Jodie Comer as Villanelle
Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens
Kim Bodnia as Konstantin Vasiliev
Ower McDonnell as Niko Polastri ( Eve’s husband).

The Plot of Killing Eve Season 3

In season 3 it was mainly focused on Villanelle’s character, her life, ambitions and even also it has shown her biological family and also her marriage.

This season is also an emotional rollercoaster for many fans as some main characters died in this season.

Release Date of Killing Eve Season 3

Season 3 of Killing Eve aired on 12 April 2020

Update on Killing Eve Season 3

In season 3 it finally puts light on the mystery of Konstantin. It shows Eve, Villanelle in a room along with Paul and Carolyn, and when Carylon was about to fire as a result to save himself Konstantin told the truth about the death of Kenny.

He told that Kenny got really close in his case as a result of which Konstantin asked Kenny to come to the roof but after their conversation, Kenny got scared backed away from Konstantin and which caused the accident of him accidentally fallen to his death.


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