Princess Dairies 3 is all set to comeback! All you need to know Probable Date, Cast and Spin-Off!


Princess Diaries released in 2004 and sixteen years have passed in between. Fans of Princess diary, however, has not stopped gushing about it and expecting to see a sequel or a spin-off of the real-life fairy-tale franchise. 2020, amongst all its destructions, might have brought the fans of the franchise some good news.

Princess Diaries star Anne Hathaway, who played Mia Thermopolis in the last two films of the franchise, confirmed last year about the existence of a script for the third installment of the film where she will be starring along with Julie Andrews who played Queen Clarisse. Here are all the updates regarding Princess Diaries 3.

About Princess Diaries 3:

During a virtual interview with a news agency, Oscar-winning actress Julie Andrews said regarding the possibility of Princess Diaries 3, “I heard that there might be one. It has long been talked about but sort of been on my desk or anything like that. I think I would.

I am getting awfully old and crotchety. I’m not sure if it’s the right timing, but I think working with Annie would be lovely again, and I am sure I’d be up for it. I think we should wait for it- if a script comes in let’s wait for that.”

Adding fuel to the anticipation, Andrews also added that the third sequel would be difficult without director Garry Marshal who passed away in 2019.

What is the possibility of Princess Diaries 3 and who will be in the cast?

Anne Hathaway has confirmed that there is a script for Princess Diaries 3 and the original cast members including her and Julie Andrews want it to happen. Producer Debra Martin Chase is also excited about the prospect of the movie. She said that the team is working with the script and will go forward with it only if the script turns out to be perfect.

The existence of the script has also been confirmed by writer of the book trilogy on which the films are based, Meg Cabot who also said that the third installment will be a tribute to former director Garry Marshal.


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