FBI raids star Omi in a Hellcat, 33, Grabs his supercar, Rollex watches and bank accounts!


YouTube star and Instagram influencer Bill Omar Carrasquillo, who goes by the name Omi in a Hellcat, had his home raided by FBI in November last year on the suspicion of tax fraud.

The millionaire known for his love for fancy cars had his assets confiscated- which includes his supercar, Rolex watches, and even his bank account- making him unable to pay his 30 employers.

Who is ‘Omi in a Hellcat’?

A multimillionaire and a lover of supercars and posh mansions from Philadelphia, Omi in hellcat rose to prominence through are vlogs, often about supercars and costly items of use. He soon goes into the job of “social media influencer” on Instagram and YouTube. His claim to fame also includes three rap and hip-hop songs that he released in 2019.

The luxurious mansion that he owns on the 100 block of Fox Chase Court in Swedesboro had formerly belonged to Jimmy Rollins, the baseball shortstop from Philadelphia. The driveway of this mansion once adorned with top model supercars, now lay empty. In the words of the YouTuber himself, a millionaire has been reduced to nothingness overnight.

What happened to Omi in a Hellcat after the FBI incident?

FBI had slapped him with suspicion of unpaid tax bills, money laundering, and copyright infringement. None of the FBI or local police officials had revealed anything about the alleged investigation in the last months. He was also allegedly arrested by FEDs later last year.

Since then he is explaining his situation on social media and to the press in an effort to get all his money back and, as of yet, failed in his effort. He is also facing copyright infringement charges from HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Star for his Gears services that allow streaming of cable contents. In his vlog, he has said that there are high chances of him landing up in jail for several years with his charges.


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