Will Maya Erskine return as Maya Ishii-Peters in PEN15 Season 2? Probable Release Date, Storyline, Cast and Update Details You Should Know


About Pen 15 Season 2

Hey guys, today I will tell you complete information about PEN 15 Season 2, if you are interested in it then you must read this. Pen 15 is an American Cringe comedy web television series which is composed by Leo Birenberg and created. The Pen 15 series was released in February at Hulu in the United States.

The producer and executive producers of the series are-

  • Jeremy Reitz
  • Don Dunn
  • Scott Levine
  • Maya Erskine
  • Anna Konkle
  • Sam Zvibleman
  • Debbie Liebling
  • Gabe Liedman
  • Marc Provissiero
  • Brooke Pobjoy
  • Andy Samberg
  • Jorma Taccone
  • Akiva Schaffer
  • Becky Sloviter
  • Shelley Zimmerman
  • Brin Lukens.

The Plot Of Pen 15 Season 2

Pen 15 Season One is described as a middle school that is based on a true story.

The Pen 15 season one has a good rating. It is about 7.9 out of 10 on IMDb, and 4.1 as the audience ratings.

In my point of view I love this show it’s so funny and relatable I started it one night cus I was bored but then I was addicted and didn’t wanna stop watching. it seems like it would be just like every other show like this but it’s different it’s not as cliche. it actually had me laughing hysterically. I can’t wait for season 2. although I didn’t like how the main girls looked a lot older than 13 I could get past it cus everything else about the show is good.

Release Date of Pen 15 Season 2

The Pen 15 Came to Hulu on February 8, 2019, with season one and 10 episodes, which grab the expectation of the audition. Now, Jeremy Reitz has not been informed yet due to the current of the Corona.

The Cast Of Pen 15 Season 2

  • Maya Erskine as Maya Ishii-Peters
  • Anna Konkle as Anna Kone
  • Mutsuko Erskine as Yuki Ishii-Peters
  • Richard Karn as Fred Peters
  • Taylor Nichols as Curtis Kone
  • Melora Walters as Kathy Kone
  • Tan Cross as Zablowski
  • Dallas Liu as Shuji Ishii-Peters.


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