True Detective Season 4 On HBO: Here’s Everything We Know So Far


About True Detective

True Detective is an American anthology, crime drama, detective, mystery, and neo-noir web television series which is composed of T Bone Burnett. The producers of the series are different in different seasons like Carol Cuddy in season 1, Aida Rodgers in season 2, Peter Feldman in season 3. Also, this series is created by Nic Pizzolatto.

True Detective was originally aired on January 12, 2014, at the HBO network, in the United States, with the running time of 54 to 87 minutes.

In the True Detective series, its shooting was in different locations. Like season one was shot in Louisiana and season 2 was in California and season was in Arkansas.

Recap Of Previous Seasons!

There have been 3 seasons of True Detective so far. Its first season was aired between January 12, 2014, to March 9, 2014. It had 8 episodes and received 2.33 million average views in the US. Talking about its second season, the second season was aired between June 21, 2015, to August 9, 2015. It also had 8 episodes and it got 2.61 million average views. Last, its third season, which was aired between January 13, 2019, to February 24, 2019, which also had eight episodes and it got 1.5 million average views.

Expected Release Date Of True Detective Season 4?

Now talk about the release date of its season four, so far no official statement has been released. Neither its creator Nic Pizzolatto has told nor the HBO network has said anything. Also, if I am talking about the rumors, it has also been heard that HBO Network has not given its permission yet to be released, that does not mean it will not be released.

But it can’t be released yet. There may be another reason for not releasing this now. Nic Pizzolatto as they made season 3 a superhit. So he does not want to release season 4 early. In this, he will release it comfortably. Hence we will see season four in 2021.

Plot Of True Detective Season 4

According to the audience and my opinion, in Season Four, either it can bring back the characters of season one because when season one came after that when season two would come, a lot of people expected to saw the cast of season one in season two. But if this did not happen then it could another anthropology story happen in season four. We can just expect it.


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