True Detective Season 4: Will Pizzolatto return with another season? Release Date and Other information are here for you!


About True Detective Season 4

True Detective is an American anthology detective drama series created Nic Pizzolatto that premiered on HBO in 2014. Each season of the series employs an entirely new thread of plots and characters, is self-contained; as the narrative for every season comes to an end with the finale and will not be further continued.

The first season, by far is the highest-rated season of the series, with academy award winner Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as lead, pursuing a serial killer in this most enticing of ways. The first season is also critically acclaimed and was also praised for its direction and cinematography, with McConaughey’s acting commended for its brilliance.

The series took a dip with its second season, with fans feeling that the show had lost the flame of the first season. Though the acting, direction, and action sequences were largely praised, the premise just wasn’t as exciting and thrilling as the occult driven plot of the first season. Ratings took a dip and fans were largely unsatisfied.

Then came the third series, featuring academy award winner Mahershala Ali, and is essentially marked as the return of the series. Rotten Tomatoes has given the third season an 85%, based on over 80 reviews, meaning that the reception was generally favorable. Mahershala Ali was largely commended for his mesmerizing performance, renewing interest in a series that was in its crossroads.

True Detective Season 4 Release Date: Is it happening?

Sadly, there is a very real possibility that the series may not return for another season. Pizzolatto was reportedly on the works for the fourth season but abandoned it midway, signing a new deal with FX collaborating with McConaughey for a completely new series called Redeemer. Pizzolatto is expected to use the plot developed for the fourth season for a standalone film or another television, but it will definitely not be part of the True Detective universe.

HBO may be looking at a new creative team for the next season, but the impact of not losing the showrunner on a hit series is obviously going to be devastating. What this means for the next season of True Detective is unclear.

As for the cast and plot, nothing is certain or confirmed. The series may or may not return for another season.

The next season of True Detective seems to be on shaky ground.



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