Spinning Out Season 2: When can we expect the pair skaters to return? Release Date and Other exciting Information are here for you!


About Spinning Out Season 2

Spinning Out is an American drama television series created by Samantha Stratton. The series follows Kaya Scodelario (Kat Baker) a young ice skater who suffers to an injury and is given a shot at restarting their career as a pair skater.

Though Kat does not pass on this opportunity, she cunningly hides her family’s history of mental illness. With time, Kat and her partner (Even Roderick) face the most trying of times, mental breakdowns, and financial bankruptcy as they try to attain their collective dream of participating in the Olympics.

The show debuted to mixed reviews when it premiered earlier this year on Netflix. Netflix is notoriously known for keeping its viewership rating and numbers in the dark, so whether or not the show did well viewer-wise is not known to us. Rotten Tomatoes has given the show a 63%, which is quite decent as far as good shows go.

The show has been praised for its portrayal of the struggles of living with mental health issues. One critique, however, is that show tends to have melodramatic phases but always comes through. A show you don’t expect much from, but doesn’t let you down in a nutshell.

Spinning Out Season 2 Release Date: Will there be another season?

Sadly, a month after the debut of Spinning out Netflix announced that the show will not be returning for another season, i.e. the show is canceled. Netflix is not required to provide any information for canceling shows, but the chances are the viewership might have let the showdown.

The cancellation came as a disappointment to both crew and cast of the series, as the series finale of season one did provide ample possibilities and intrigue for the upcoming season. Obviously, we have some pissed off fans on twitter but there’s only so much they can do.

Tons of shows have gotten canceled since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown. The cancellation might just be cost-cutting.

So, as it stands, Spinning Out has sadly been moved to the list of the shows that the lockdown and pandemic got hold over; had it been any other time, just maybe we could have gotten to see another season of Spinning Out.



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